GDS vs HPCA Summer League Standout Players

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 06/17/18 7:12 PM

Greensboro Day 2019 Guard Austin Inge: A solid player that player that doesn’t try to do too much, he does a nice job of keeping the game simple and playing to his strengths. On the offensive end of the floor he got the team into their sets smoothly, while putting constant pressure on his opponent defensively.

Greensboro Day 2021 Guard Carson McCorkle: You’ve heard about him as being one of the top players in the 2021 class, and he did not disappoint. He scored the ball efficiently, knocking down shots from deep and displayed an IQ that was beyond his years, very impressive showing.

Greensboro Day 2019 Nicholas Evtimov: He continued his stellar play, showing that he could play inside the post as well as stepping outside and making plays from the perimeter. He is a gifted passer and although at times he showed a bit too much flair, there is a lot to like about a player that likes to get teammates involved.

Greensboro Day 2020 Cameron Hayes: This was my first time getting a chance to see him play but he was very impressive, he scored the ball well but wasn’t a ball dominant player. Instead he picked his spots and found the right spots of the defense to attack to make a play for himself and others, nice player.

HPCA 2021 Guard KJ Garrett: He has become one of the better facilitating guards in the state, he would finish with 8 assist and even though his team would come up short, he showed that he can be that leader for them. It’s impressive to see a player at such a young age that understands how to play the game in the right manner.

HPCA 2019 Guard Landon Sutton: A spark plug type of player, he is a player that can get his team going with some instant offense. Not the tallest player by any stretch of imagination but he gets the job done, shooting, speed and quickness are all attributes that he has that we like.