Francisco’s Finest: Pangos AA Camp (Part 4)


Posted On: 06/12/18 11:11 PM

Francisco’s Finest: Pangos AA Camp (Part 4)

NORWALK, CA— The 2018 Pangos All American Camp held at Cerritos College was a terrific way to jumpstart the summer evaluating season. In all the years of attending this event this may have been the most talented group—in terms of “bigs” and wing-types. 

From Charles Bassey to Isaiah Mobley there was a plethora of gifted seniors to be—however, it was the underclassmen that stole show led by 2020s Evan Mobley, Cade Cunningham, and Anthony Edwards. 

Best Shooters

Cade Cunningham (Arlington, TX/Bowie)

2020, SG, 6-foot-6, 190 pounds

Joel’s Take: The best all-around guard in the camp was Cunningham. Can push it hard in transition and finish with either hand or hammer down the dunk. His jump shot is equally effective off the catch as it is off the dribble. He can utilize the burst or change speeds and his pull-up game is tight. As polished as it gets at the 2-guard position. 

Jake Kyman (Santa Margarita)

2019, WF, 6-foot-7, 215 pounds

Jake Kyman shot the lights out at the Pangos AA Camp

Joel’s Take: Kyman is known as a knock down shooter and that is exactly what he did at this camp. However, there are other aspects of the game that Kyman excels at—including being a pin-point passer as well as an underrated defender. 

Isaiah Todd (Richmond, VA/Marshall)

2020, PF, 6-foot-10, 200 pounds

Joel’s Take: Todd was a bit inconsistent at this camp in terms of effort, but in terms of shooting the basketball—he was spot-on. His release is text book and he’s always on balance. In transition he can fill the lane, handle the ball well for a big, and he’s a fluid athlete. He needs to be more assertive at both ends of the floor, especially on the boards, but overall he’s molding into one of those perimeter-oriented bigs. 

Jarod Lucas (Los Altos)

2019, CG, 6-foot-2, 175 pounds

Lucas is a fearless combo-guard who can score and defend

Joel’s Take: Lucas had his jumper flowing all weekend. He has deep range on his shot and his lift and release are ideal. He shows a nice burst in transition and can stop on a dime and pull-up for the shot. He is much more scorer than facilitator and he plays with an edge at both ends of the floor. 






Jaden Shackelford (Hesperia)

2019, SG, 6-foot-3, 180 pounds

Hesperia and The Truth guard Jaden Shackelford was one of the standout guards at the Pangos All-American Camp. Photo Credit: Devin Ugland.

Joel’s Take: The owner of the smoothest shot in camp had to be the slick lefty, Shackelford. The strongly-built point guard prospect isn’t overly quick or fast, but he changes speeds well and his head is always up for the look-ahead pass. He can play off the ball as well and can score efficiently in and outside the 3-point line. 

Charles Smith IV (Powder Springs, GA/McEachern)

2019, SG, 6-foot-5, 175 pounds

Joel’s Take: The Cal-bound shooting guard has ideal size and his jump shot is always on target. Whether it be a 22-foot shot off the break or an on-balance pull-up, Smith IV is efficient. He does a nice job in the half court set cutting and coming off of screens which will be useful as he transitions to college basketball.