Francisco’s Finest: Pangos AA Camp (Part 2)


Posted On: 06/11/18 9:56 PM

Francisco’s Finest: Pangos AA Camp (Part 2)

NORWALK, CA— The 2018 Pangos All American Camp held at Cerritos College was a terrific way to jumpstart the summer evaluating season. In all the years of attending this event this may have been the most talented group—in terms of “bigs” and wing-types. 

From Charles Bassey to Isaiah Mobley there was a plethora of gifted seniors to be—however, it was the underclassmen that stole show led by 2020s Evan Mobley, Cade Cunningham, and Anthony Edwards. In our second segment, we will look at the Most Versatile as well as the Best Rim Protectors. 

Most Versatile

Scottie Barnes (Davie, FL/NSU University School)

2020, PF/WF, 6-foot-7, 220 pounds

Joel’s Take: Is there a more versatile player in the nation than Barnes. His impact at both ends is impressive considering his youth. His length and instincts allows him to guard multiple positions while on offense he masquerades as a point forward due to his passing acumen. Once his jump shot smoothens out, his game will go to another level. 

Jaden Springer (Charlotte, NC/Rocky River)

2020, PG, 6-foot-4, 190 pounds

Springer has the ability to play both guard spots, but is better on the ball.

Joel’s Take: The chiseled point guard prospect has a tremendous burst where he uses his strength to either finish in the paint or drop off a pass in traffic. He can explode to the rim or display is pull-up game at the elbow. He can knock in the jump shot as well, but his release can be a bit stiff. Overall, this blossoming point guard has all the physical tools to be a dominant player. 

Jaykwon Walton (Montgomery, AL/Carver)

2019, WF, 6-foot-7, 200 pounds

Joel’s Take: Walton has the length, quickness, and a budding all-around skill set. He can score in transition due to his slashing style, but also showed the ability to knock in jump shots. What was just as impressive was his recognition of mis-matches as he posted up smaller foes, utilizing a nifty jump hook. 

Best Rim Protectors

Omar Payne (Kissimmee, FL/Osceola)

2019, PF, 6-foot-9, 225 pounds

Joel’s Take: On the first night, Payne showed off his shot blocking prowess where he came from the weak side to pin a shot attempt by elite junior to be—that being Evan Mobley. Payne’s timing is impeccable and his reach is just as impressive. He is a no nonsense post prospect that plays with that mindset at both ends of the floor.

Xavier Foster (Oskaloosa, IA/Oskaloosa Community)

2020, PF, 6-foot-10, 220 pounds

Foster has all the physical tools to be an NBA player someday

Joel’s Take: Foster stood out immediately due to his timing and basketball IQ. He has a promising frame with very long arms, spell-binding bounce, and soft hands. His rim protection was impressive both in the areas of shot blocking and rebounding. Not too mention he had a number of rim-rattling dunks and jump shots. 






Charles Bassey (Louisville, KY/Aspire Academy)

2019, C, 6-foot-10, 230 pounds

Bassey is a nonsense 5-man at both ends of the floor

Joel’s Take: Bassey is a well-known commodity who plays for results rather than the camera. A typical sequence for Bassey usually consists of a shot block and a rim-run that usually results in a high-level throw-down. He rebounds at a high-level, shows good hands, and his outlet passing was impressive as well.