Five 17U Teams That Impressed This Spring


Posted On: 06/8/18 2:33 PM

The Spring session of AAU is complete and we are taking a look back at some of those players and teams that made an impression the first two months. Here are five of those teams that impressed at the 17U level this Spring.

DistinXion 2019 Red

For this group, I think the most impressive thing has been the amount of players that had that looked to have taken steps forward in their development. I think they have a ton of guys that colleges should be on and guys like Jaden Hayes, Paxon Bartley, and Spencer Corrona look the part of developing talent that needs a fresh set of eyes.  Also, I thought they did a good job getting all of their size involved and each time we watched, you were able to see everyone be able to find ways to impact the game. 

Gametime-Thomas 2019

This team kind of came out of nowhere and they are now turning some heads with a few of their top players. Noah Jordan has been coming onto the scene the last year up Jacob Laravia found himself this spring out of nowhere.  Zach Banks caught our attention this high school season and now we are at the point where colleges are seeing him as that dynamic scoring guard.  They’ve played above their level and competed against some bigger teams, giving themselves some more looks that they deserve.

Indiana Elite 2019

There really wasn’t much of a surprise in just how good they were as a full team, the issue has been they haven’t been complete all Spring long. They have had both Mason Gillis and Jeremiah Francis have missed a ton of time but the results have been the same.  I think they have as much talent as any Midwestern top team. Maybe not the top talent but they have 7 guys that will end up at Mid-Major or higher programs. They will lose Aristide Boya as he reclasses to 2018 but when Gillis and Francis come back, they will be a lot better.

Indy Heat 2019

When you have the two best players in the state and the top contenders for Mr. Basketball in 2019 in Indiana, it is hard not to be impressed. However, the EYBL circuit has been an interesting one for them. They have struggled at times but always seem to be that team that would just make enough plays to pull it out and there is something to be said for that. You have had Trayce Jackson-Davis, Jalen Windham, and Keion Brooks Jr. all have their moments to win games for this group the first two months.

Indiana Game 2019

For Indiana Game, I think you have a grouping of some surprising players in the Northwest corner of the state. Noah Applegate kind of completely changed his game to more of a wing and found success. Nathan Aerts has gone from just a guy to the guy with the ball in his hands.  Jake Wadding is continuing to impress as one of the best 2020’s in the state. Overall, they have played really well and the group has executed their talent and been a bright spot this Spring.