Posted On: 06/8/18 2:33 PM

The Spring session of AAU is complete and we are taking a look back at some of those players and teams that made an impression the first two months. Here are five of those teams that impressed at the 15U level this Spring.

EG10 2021

This EG10 team is among the most fun group to watch. Built on guys mostly from outside of the Indianapolis area, it provides a swath of talent from areas that don’t normally produce that high end prospect. Khristian Lander is so fast and decisive with the ball, Blake Sisley might be ready to take off with his talent level, and Trevor Taylor has been as consistent as you could ever want. They are going to be one of the best teams, if not the best, for the next few years if they stick together.

Indiana Elite Central 2021

IE Central is a group that obviously isn’t the top team in the Indiana Elite program but had the most players that surprised with just how good they were this Spring. Jaylen Carson looked night and day better than we saw him last Fall. Silas Bauer is about as consistent as you could ask for a player this age, and Michael Eley might have among the biggest upside in the class now that his perimeter jumper is coming along. They get after it and play hard and are a combined group of players that seem to make each other better by playing together.

Indy Heat 2021

Along with EG10, this group is just stockpiled with talent in a very strong in-state class.  Luke Goode is just so, so good with the ball in his hands and he might be the 3rd or 4th best player on the team. Jalen Blackmon, Piece Thomas, and Caleb Furst are my current Top 3 best players in the state and you could put them in any order and not argue with it. But when they play together, things just look so good because of the pace and skill this group has. Even guys like Brett Bosley and Khalieo Terry are making big time plays. So, so deep.

Indy Heat 2021 Red

To show just how deep this class is, Indy Heat’s second team is really good and in any normal year you could play a bunch of these guys on the top team. Naylon Thompson completely changed my view on him after watching him at Run-N-Slam.  The two Ohio kids are really interesting with their size and skill combination.  Jackson Paul and Brendon Lytle give this team some toughness and with how Naylon was playing, they are all very aggressive on the offensive end of the floor. Just a fun group with talent that is fighting in every game right now.

UA Grind 2021

UA Grind 2021 might have come in with the most questions in terms of learning the players on this team and seeing them for the first time. We knew Lane Sparks, Luke Lacey, and Chris Mantis but we have been happily surprised by just how deep this group is with the top end talent. Jayden Taylor looks like a player that is going to vie for a spot at the top of the rankings. Darrius Washington is a really talented forward from Kentucky that gives this team a chance to play uptempo.  Blake Wesley is the next best player from South Bend. They might not be as known as some of the other teams but they can compete with everyone right now.