Davenport University Team Camp: Day Two Standouts (Part 2)


Posted On: 06/18/18 6:00 AM

Davenport University hosted high school teams from across the state last week in Session I of their team camps! Action went from morning to night each day of the camp, allowing teams to prepare for winter and individuals to display their improvement. I spent the afternoon of Day 2 on-campus to watch things play out and, though my time spent only allowed me to see about half of the varsity squads present, that was enough to see some excellent players! Below are some standouts from Tuesday afternoon.

Eonte Tornes – 5’10 – PG – 2019 – Muskegon

Tornes was a leader for Muskegon last winter, and it doesn’t look like that is about to change. He was largely the motor behind their offense and contributed in all areas of the game. He brought the ball up with speed and few mistakes, setting up the offense or scoring in transition. With a combination of speed and handle, he could beat defenders. He also hit a number of outside shots.┬áHe was most likely in double digits each game from quick layups and threes. Outside of offensive contributions, though, he proved himself to be a hustler. He sacrificed his body by going for, even diving for, loose balls, and, despite being one of the shortest on the floor, went for and grabbed a several rebounds.

Bryce Nyboer – 6’5 – SF – 2020 – Allendale

Nyboer is a versatile small forward that showed off his wide range of abilities. Though not a point guard, if he gets a defensive rebound he has the green light to bring the ball up himself. In this way, he would lead the break or just set up the offense, but he ensured no time would be wasted if he had the ball in the back court. Nyboer also displayed his scoring range which happens to be not too limited. He can drive and score at the rim, and he has a good jumper that can connect from both midrange and three.

Sebastion Jones – 6’2 – SG – 2019 – Mt. Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant is full of guys that can hit the three, and Jones is no exception. He poses a threat as a catch-and-shoot option on the wing. He can also contribute at the rim. With athleticism, long arms, and a desire to go after the ball, he got a number of rebounds. On offense, he followed shots into the paint and to get the rebound and go right back up with them. Jones should be a solid contributor on the wing for the Oilers in the winter.

Ashton Pokorzynski – 6’6 – SF – 2019 – Rockford

Pokorzynski is another big man who offers versatility on the offensive end. He was able to score easily in the post, though in the game I watched he didn’t really have a good matchup size-wise. He also likes to shoot from outside, and I saw him hit a couple in a tight contest. Outside of scoring, his height is used well for rebounding. He also moves rather comfortably for his height, something seen in both the offensive and defensive ends. This was exemplified in his ability to guard shooters on the perimeter fairly well, and I imagine his height and mobility together would allow him to defend the 3-5 spots.