Davenport University Team Camp: Day Two Standouts (Part 1)


Posted On: 06/15/18 11:30 AM

Davenport University hosted high school teams from across the state earlier this week in Session I of their team camps! Action went from morning to night each day of the camp, allowing teams to prepare for winter and individuals to display their improvement. I spent the afternoon of Day 2 on-campus to watch things play out and, though my time spent only allowed me to see about half of the varsity squads present, that was enough to see some excellent players! Below are some standouts from Tuesday afternoon.

De’Airrus Ware – 6’4 – SF/SG – 2019 – Muskegon

Musekgon and the event itself ran deep, but Ware was easily the best offensive player I saw all day. He had the touch around the rim and the shot from farther out to score on all three levels. Add to that his athleticism and it starts to just be unfair. For Muskegon, he could usually be found at the wing or high post within their half-court offense. At each spot, he was a threat for either a shot or a drive. He shot from midrange or three with ease and consistency. He also attacked the rim well and in varying ways, either pulling up short to make a floater or aggressively going all the way for a layup or dunk. Finally, Ware’s athleticism makes him very valuable on the boards and as a shot contestor. A day after his performance at Davenport, he received from them his first (and a well-deserved) offer.

Joseph Ostrowsky – 6’0 – PG – 2020 – Mt. Pleasant

Ostrowsky stood out first for being a shooter. As I watched him more, he showed a good handle. He could beat defenders to the rim with moves off the dribble, and he had a beautiful step-back three off the bounce as well.  He was able and willing to drive inside, getting creative when contested to still finish. Ostrowsky also displayed his ability to see his teammates in scoring positions and pass for assists. Overall, he was relied upon to be the floor general for a guard-heavy Oilers squad and played his role well, while also being a scoring threat from inside the lane and beyond the arc.

TJ Barnes – 5’9 – PG – 2021 – Grandville

pc – (@coach_lancaster)

Despite his youth, Barnes has the speed, handle, court vision, and leadership one looks for in a scoring point guard. In his application of these qualities, he seems to play beyond his years. He displayed leadership as he directed plays and got the offense going. He put his speed to good use as he sliced through the lane or led the break to finish. Also contributing to his finishes at the rim were great use of his body and creative placement of the ball. Finally, he too can find his teammates and get hot from outside.

Ryan Corner – 6’9 – C/PF – 2020 – Allendale

Corner continues to draw eyes and be an intriguing prospect in the 2020 class. His height is the factor around which his entire game is played, which is not at all a bad thing when one stands head-and-shoulders above everybody else. For Allendale, he is an essential source of rebounding and shot-contesting. He also showed a nice touch around the rim, connecting on drop steps and a pretty reverse layup off glass. He needs to get a little stronger and more consistent, but with his current qualities he is already a major contributor and getting ready for a big season.