Class of 2021 & 2022 Names to know

North Carolina

Posted On: 06/7/18 5:31 PM

Village Christian 2022 Wing Jalen Higgins: His role was limited this season due to the fact that he played alongside so many upperclassmen. However this summer he has put in a high amount of work and has stood out at various freshman showcase events, one to keep an eye on over the next few months, has a chance to be special.

Cape Fear Christian 2021 Guard Emmanuel Sepulveda: He has a nice amount of talent and upside to his game, he is one of the better passers that you will see and he puts in a nice amount of time on his craft. He has been playing varsity since the 8th grade and has put in major practice time against older players so we expect him to do well this upcoming season.

Jack Britt HS 2021 Guard Demario Norris: His play during the AAU season has been very impressive, he is a quick guard that can score with ease and is constantly applying defensive pressure. He’s also a two sport athlete so he has that toughness that you see from guys that play football, just about each time we see him play he shows out.

Overhills HS 2021 Guard Cinque Lemon: He still is finding his way on the court but there is a lot to like about him. He’s decent size for a guard, and can knock down shots as well as solid athletic ability to be able to finish above the rim.

Trinity Christian 2020 Guard Freddie Dilione: He’s next up at Trinity Christian without a doubt, he has the size, ball handling skill, scoring ability and feel for the game that you love to see from a young player. He looks as if he still has a second growth spurt in him so once that happens and he adds muscle, he will be a scary player to try and defend.

Pinecrest HS 2021 Guard Bradlee Haskell: The potential he has to be a special player is clearly evident, his IQ for the game is high and he is one of the quicker guards that you will see. Once he is coming at his defender with a full head of steam, he’s a tough player to stop.