Central Methodist Team Shootout (Top Underclassmen)

High School

Posted On: 06/16/18 10:00 AM

Prep Hoops Missouri was in Fayette, Mo. on Thursday to take in the action at the Central Methodist University Team Shootout. Here is a look at the top underclassmen from the event:

J.J. Schwepker 6’5″ Fort Zumwalt South ’20

The talented wing player was one of the top perimeter shooters in the camp. In his first game against Francis Howell Central, he scored 15 points in the first four minutes of the game on a variety of 3-point shots, cuts to the basket and offensive rebound. He is an ideal pick-and-pop player with his ability to stretch the defense with his deep perimeter shooting. He also has the size and strong body to guard the post as well.


Maricus Grant 6’2″ Battle ’20

An athletic point guard, Grant is a defensive force who will pick up his man from the moment he steps in the gym. He plays with excellent pace at both ends of the court as he sets the tempo for his team’s pressure defense. He guards the ball tough and he can also shoot the passing lanes. He is excellent slasher who can get to the basket. I also saw him knock down a couple of open 3-pointers, which would really open up his offense if he adds that weapon.


Myles Estrada 6’0″ Francis Howell Central ’21

The young sharpshooter plays the game with a lot of confidence. He is an excellent marksman from long distance, which opens up the court for his athletic, slashing teammates. He handles the ball well and displayed some impressive drives to the basket in his own right.


Sam Toenges 6’3″ Warrenton ’20

An athletic young combo forward who got better with each game during the day. He has a lot of bounce and he is an energizer bunny with his high motor. He was all over the place. In the final two games, he started to display some offensive chops as he scored with drives to the basket and knocked down 3-pointers. You could see his confidence lifted over the course of the day.

Christian Scaggs 6’3″ Mid-Buchanan

A long, lanky combo forward who plays a nice all-around game. He is capable of playing multiple positions with his ability to handle the ball and his high basketball IQ. He uses his length to his advantage on the back end of his team’s pressure defense to get to loose balls and errant passes. He is better at the drive where he can finish at the basket or along the baseline.

Javan Noyes 5’9″ Mid-Buchanan ’21

A pass-first point guard who was one of the best at delivering the rock during the day. He is small, but very stout, so he is very hard to knock off his dribble. His court vision and passing ability enabled him to find open teammates at any time and anywhere on the court. He is very poised with the ball against pressure for a young point guard.