Bay Area Memorial Day Classic: All Triple Double Team

Northern California

Posted On: 06/5/18 12:00 PM

The Bay Area Memorial Day Classic featured plenty of talent from across Northern California. An interesting group of individuals stood out to me as players who were able to impact the game in multiple areas. Capable of adapting to the needs of their team at any moment, these guys are apart of the All Triple Double Team for their ability to change the flow of the game at a moments notice based on whats asked of them.


Zac Claus, 6’1, Pg, 2019, Fortuna Hs (Factory Pride 17U)

This strong floor leader loves contact and uses his strength to slash to the basket at will. Once inside, his I.Q. allows him to predict where the defense will go next and make the appropriate pass at anytime. His tight handle and compact shooting stroke allow him constantly put pressure on the defense. His strength allows him to defend and rebound against multiple positions as well.


Kolton Frugoli, 6’3, Pg, 2019, Bishop Manogue (Bay Area Mustangs 17U)

Gifted with a very patient feel for the game, Kolton uses his mind to change the tide of a game in various ways. His height and wingspan allow him to further augment his understanding of the game. His passing vision not only makes his teammates better, but also opens up opportunities to score for himself by shooting over defenders both inside the paint and from beyond the arc.


David Hector, 6’2, Pg, 2019, Moreau Catholic Hs (Bay Area Mustangs 17U)

Watch out for this tank of a point guard who loves to bully defenders throughout the game. For starters, its very difficult to match his strength and physicality especially on drives to the basket. If you’re, not careful, he will take you with him up towards the rim for a nice looking poster. This ability to attack the paint allows him to anticipate help and make the appropriate pass at anytime to his teammates. He is a great rebounder and enjoys posting up on smaller guards.


George Tynes, 6’5, Sf, 2019, Petaluma Hs (NBBA 17U Pederson)

Here is a prototypical jack of all trades wing with great athletic talents highlighted by a gift for blocking shots with impeccable timing. His wing span and vertical leaping ability allow him to make plays on the defensive end against multiple positions. He is a solid shooter from three and displays an ability to find open cutters as well.


Jalen Williams, 6’3, Sg, 2019, Shadow Mountain (Team Lillard 17U)

This slashing southpaw balances strong athletic ability with patient aggression for lethal results. He is able to score at will and is able to easily finish in traffic with his patented spin moves and two foot finishes. Able to shoot from deep augments his ability to attack the basket where he is more than capable of finding his teammates by thinking ahead. He also has very strong instincts as a cutter and is a lockdown defender who does a good job of not fouling.