Bay Area Memorial Classic: Top Floor Generals

Northern California

Posted On: 06/6/18 12:00 PM

Here is a quick list of the top floor generals from the Bay Area Memorial Day Classic. They collectively did a great job of displaying Leadership and work ethic on top of their individual strengths. They all make the game easier for their teammates in various ways which is exactly what a floor general does on a regular basis. Lets take a look!


Maxwell Anderson, 6’0, Pg, 2019, Moreau Catholic Hs (Splash City 17 Esface)

This kid is an absolute blur in transition where his speed puts immense pressure on the defense with his ability to run by defenders using a deadly change of speed. He is excellent at slashing to the basket where his body control allows him to finish through contact. A leader who understands the pace of the game and where to get good shots for his teammates.


Eric Greer Jr, 5’9, Pg, 2019, St. Joesph-Notre Dame (Team Superstar 17U Elite)

The calm and collected floor general is always under control of the game as displayed by his patience off the dribble. His mind for the game allows him to make great passes to his teammates by putting them in position to make plays. When it’s necessary, he is very capable of hitting floaters in traffic with either hand.


Keith Maldia, 5’8, Pg, 2020, Sobrato Hs (West Coast Extreme Purple 17U)

This kid is without question one of the best passers from the event. His mind for the game gives him an excellent understanding of what the defense is trying to take away as he picks them apart throughout the game. He displays a very good change of speed that allows him to seemingly walk past defenders. This skill allows him to finish under contact at a high clip and is always under control as he gives his teammates a calming presence while he is on the floor.


Parker McDonald, 6’3, Pg, 2019, Serra Hs (Tyler Johnson Elite 17U)

Gifted with one of the sharpest minds in the event, Parker used his court awareness and vision to regularly make the game simple for his teammates since his height and wingspan allow him to make passes over the top of defenses with ease. His change of pace is the rare kind that doesn’t require him to sprint at top speed to get by defenders since he knows how to go as fast as he needs to be for the play to develop. His smooth slashing ability, combined with his shooting skills make him a great prospect to lead a team.


Jojo Paris, 6’2, Pg, 2019, Salinas Hs ( Seaside’s Finest 17U)

Jojo is a very patient player who lets the game come to him as it develops. His lights out shooting ability allows him to stretch the defense before running past a closeout. From here, his change of speed and willingness to make the right play allows him to make simple reads.


Jalen Prince, 5’9, Pg, 2019, Santa Rosa Hs (NBBA 17U Pederson)

There are a lot of talented players who can pass the ball but few have the gift of being able to literally throw their teammates into open areas that others can’t see. Jalen is one of those players and displayed that talent all weekend with his understanding of the game. A strong change of speed combined with an underrated ability to finish in traffic allow him to cut through defenses. He is a very good shooter with a high arching shot that’s difficult to defend.


Kwaheri Ru, 6’2, Pg, 2018, Patterson Hs (1  Team 1 Dream 17U)

An elite dribbler who can get any shot he wants. Deadly in transition using his elite speed and displays great court vision to make any pass thats needed. Confident under pressure and able to lockdown on the defensive end. The scary part of his game is his ability to shoot the three or pull up from midrange which further augments his elite quickness off of the dribble.


Brahjon Thompson, 5’11, Pg, 2020, James Logan Hs (Sf Work Hard Play Hard 17/16)

This sniping southpaw is a tremendous shooter with Nba range that heats up quickly. A strong handle and desire to slash to the basket means that you have to defend him the instant that he crosses half court. A very willing passer makes him a constant threat as you never know what he will do next on the floor. He is an intense competitor who battles on the defensive end.


Ousmani Williams, 5’8, Pg, 2019, Oakwood Hs (Lakeshow 17U Select)

The personification of lightning in a bottle, Ousmani leaves all defenders in the dust as he uses his change of speed and great dribbling skills to get past them in the blink of an eye. As scary as he can be in transition, he is just as difficult to cover in the pick and roll where he can attack and force numerous defenders to help on his drive before making his teammates better with timely passing. He is able to score at will when defenses take away his passing angles.