Bay Area Memorial Classic: Most Versatile Forwards

Northern California

Posted On: 06/7/18 12:00 PM

As today’s game continues to evolve and players develop more well rounded skillsets, the need for players who are both inside and outside threats continues to grow. Once used mainly for screening and posting up, these forwards show the ability to become position-less by doing more than the “Traditional Big Man”. Here are several forwards that displayed exciting abilities that will surely increase their chances of playing at the next level.


Kenny Alexander, 6’4, Pf, 2019, Petaluma Hs (NBBA 17U Pederson)

A post player with solid footwork and court awareness who can score inside. A strong ability to pass from the post or perimeter allow him to display his IQ for the game. When he isn’t attacking closeouts, he is knocking down threes from deep.


Jay Allen-Tovar, 6’9, Pf, 2019, Valley Christian Hs (Team Lillard 17U)

An elite shot blocker with excellent timing and does a good job of staying vertical to avoid fouls. When he isnt running to the rim in transition, he is leading the fast break himself where he looks to make plays for his teammates. He displays good looking shot mechanics and potential as a three point shooter as well.


Amil Fields, 6’5, Sf, 2019, Moreau Catholic Hs (Team Superstar 17U Elite)

An athletic scorer who likes to play above the rim. He has excellent instincts as a cutter and likes to lead the fast break himself where he can put added pressure on his defensive matchups. A very good shooting stroke from three means you have to guard him tight or risk a barrage of jumpshots falling in especially from the corners.


Andrew Lee, 6’6, Pf, 2019, Monte Vista Christian (Seaside’s Finest 17U)

This kid has great hands that allow him to catch and finish well in traffic which shows off his solid footwork and patience. He has a great IQ and uses it to cut to open space constantly. This ability to move without the ball as well as hit the midrange jumpshot made him a zone defense buster throughout the event. He is also more than capable of attacking off the bounce from the perimeter where he looks over the top of defenses to find open teammates.


Brennen Newsome, 6’7, Pf, 2019, Sheldon (Lakeshow 17U Black)

An athletic rim runner who uses his wingspan to block shots and finish at the rim. His high motor helps him snatch rebounds on a regular basis on both ends. There is an interesting ability to kick the ball out to the perimeter when he catches as the roll man in ball screen situations. When he isn’t making life difficult for opponents inside, he is showing off a developing three point shot.


Luke Sayre, 6’5, Pf, 2019, Branham Hs (Splash City 17U Blue)

This kid likes to stretch the floor as his shooting skills and wingspan allow him to shoot over the top of defenses. When he attacks closeouts, he is constantly looking for open teams to kick out or drop off passes to. He is more than capable of scoring inside where his patience allows him to see plays develop before making a decision.