Posted On: 06/9/18 8:01 PM

Gilbert High School basketball defeated Hamilton High School 52-42 at the Arizona Summer Shootout at Campo Verde High School in Gilbert, AZ.

Tied 23-23 at halftime following a Hamilton buzzer-beater, Gilbert dominated the second half to win by double-digits.

Here are four of the game’s top performers:


Gilbert Tigers:

  • Doc Self

The Tiger point guard consistently got Hamilton out of its base defense, using a variety of different dribbling moves with both hands, cutting into the paint to dish assists to teammates and hitting clever lay ups. He had a tough match-up against solid guards, but battled physically on defense as well.

  • Carson Towt

Towt made his presence felt in the post on offense, but not always by scoring the basketball. He often had his head up looking for one of many Tiger shooters running off screens on the perimeter. He rebounded particularly well on defense, and made the right passes to hustle in transition, or even dribbled the ball up himself sometimes.


Hamilton Huskies:

  • Tyler Curvey

Curvey played about as well as anybody on the court in the first half of this game, running an offense that saw him hitting smart-cutting teammates for open shot attempts. He really hustled on defense, especially when locked in on denying his man the ball. His production slowed down because he sat almost the entirety of the second half, either for rest or injury. However, he made a significant impact when he was out on the court.

  • Justin Fisher

With Curvey sitting almost all of the second half, Fisher took on much of the offensive responsibility for the Huskies. Behind on the scoreboard nearly the entirety of the second half, he seemed to take it upon himself to attack the basket, simply bulldozing his way to the rack for lay ups and free throw attempts. He also provided the highlight play of the game with a spinning and-one lay up in the first half.