Jaelen House 2019 AZ Central

Posted On: 06/7/18 11:05 PM

Jaelen House and Jovan Blacksher have made up one of the top backcourt duos in recent AZ history. In addition to these two, there are a number of other skilled 2019 guards who are drawing college interest.

Arizona 2019 Rankings Update: Top Point Guards

Jaelen House 6’2 Shadow Mountain (Las Vegas Prospects) (ASU)

House is one of the most passionate players at the high school level regardless of classification or state. He has a will to win that is unmatched and it makes him an absolute monster down the stretch of games, see the 4A state championship 4th quarter. In addition, House has improved his handles even more and has great change of direction and pace. Further, he can shoot it off of the dribble from deep at a high level.

Jovan Blacksher 6’1 Shadow Mountain (Why Not)

Blacksher is quick and tough. His on-ball defense is as stout as any prospect in this class. Further, he uses on-ball screens really well to create for himself and for his teammates. He has a great ability to play the game fast and slow himself down mentally to make great decisions with the basketball. His basketball IQ is outstanding.

Tyrek Chambers 6’3 Desert Vista (Firestorm)

Chambers is long and athletic. Further, he is a good shooter from deep which enables him to use his length to attack the rim. His length and athleticism also gives him a lot of upside at the next level. He is an intriguing NCAA Division-I prospect who can play this game at a high level.

Connor Jackson 5’11 Hillcrest Prep

Decent length at the point guard spot with a solid handle and good change of pace. Further, he has a great vertical and can finish around the rim with either hand. He is a capable shooter as well from deep. Jackson’s move to Hillcrest Prep should aid him greatly in gaining more college interest.

Jalen Williams 6’4 Perry (Blue Chip Nation Elite)

Williams stock continues to go throw the roof with every inch that he grows. He is one of the best shooters in this class, and he is a legitimate 6’4. He has a tight handle and can stop on a dime to release his shot over opposing defenders. As good as he is, he still has not reached his maximal potential. He has the ability to climb this list even further.

D’Maurian Williams

“Shaq”, as many know him around the valley, uses his size and strength to get to his spots on the court. He is able to play bully ball as well as anyone in the state. Further, when engaged, he is capable of being a skilled on-ball defender due to his strength and athleticism. Offensively, he has a good feel for the game and passes guys open.

Arizona 2019 Rankings Update: Point Guards on the Rise

Josh Ursery 5’11 Liberty (Powerhouse Contrares)

Ursery’s explosiveness as a scorer and an athlete has made him an intriguing prospect. Further, he can get hot in a hurry. When he gets a rhythm, he is one of the most dangerous guards in the state.

Khlid Price 5’10 Mountain Pointe (Powerhouse Contrares)

Price is one of the toughest on ball defenders in the state. Further, he has a high basketball IQ and makes smart plays. He rarely makes mistakes, and he has a knack for putting his teammates in positions to be successful.

Isaiah Marin 6’4 Copper Canyon (Powerhouse UA)

Marin has started to blow up. He is quick and has gained good length. His stock has continued to rise and could have him in the top 20 by the next rankings. Continue to monitor his progress as he has all of the tools to be a big time guard.

KJ Patrick 5’11 Willow Canyon (Factory)

Patrick is a score first guard who is extremely confident. He takes good shots and shoots it at a really high level. Moreover, he is able to get into the paint and create for himself at a high level. He is primed for a breakout season.