AAU Raptors Elite: Summer Jam Standouts – Part 2


Posted On: 06/20/18 9:23 AM

A lot of talent was seen during the Raptors Elite Summer Jam, this past weekend. At every age group, as well. Take a look at Part Two of the list of standouts from the event.

Connor Doobay – Rise Up Athletics 2018: Doobay was a menace around the rim, had a knack for boxing-out and getting the tap-in on offense. If he gets the lane on the drive, he can punch it home. When at the top of the key, Doobay showed his vision by threading the needle on a couple of passes to the cutting man. Can hit the three when called upon.

Nick Santos – Infinite Skillz 2020: Just loved his tenacity when on the floor. Santos is a guy that can push the break for you, and get a bucket at the rim, in-traffic. On defense, he showed his quick hands all night, creating steals and deflections that frustrated the offense. Great showing from him on Saturday.

Cainan Wright – Rise Up Athletics 2018: Cainan was another guy whose explosiveness was on full display, early. He had the strength to get fouled on the way up for a dunk, and still flush it. Intangibly, he’s solid without the ball—great cutter. Never bites on euro-steps, knows how to block without fouling.

Joshua Cross – Rise Up Athletics 2018: Without question, Cross came to the Summer Jam with the best handles of the entire event. He just had great command of the ball and knew how to get his guys in the right spots. Cross was a solid passer, all day. In transition, he was able to come away with some steals.

Ralph Sandy – Grizzlies Elite 2019: Sandy’s presence in the paint was evident. Didn’t let anyone bully him in the post. Because of it, he was able to challenge offensive players on the block, and come away with a few swats at the rim. Sandy stayed extremely firm on offense.