AAU Raptors Elite: Summer Jam Standouts – Part 1


Posted On: 06/18/18 5:25 PM

A lot of talent was seen during the Raptors Elite Summer Jam, this past weekend. At every age group, as well. Take a look at Part One of the list of standouts from the event.

Tim Jarrells – Raptors Elite 2021: Jarrells made his impact on the game from the opening tip. He attacks the rim with authority and hustles to rebound his own missed shots. His antennas are up when it comes to looking for opportunities to steal cross-court passes, in-transition. After penetrating the paint, he can loft it for a floater, as well.

Demoi Bradley – Infinite Skills 2020: This guard lived up to the word all day on Saturday. Because he “guarded” whatever was in front of him—and did it well. He used his long arms to swipe steals with ease, a few times. His on-ball defense was awesome, no one could shake him. Bradley is on his way to becoming an elite defender.

Josh Hall – Grizzlies Elite 2019: One of the most explosive players on the floor, Hall can rise up at any given moment and bring the hammer. He’s about 6’4”-6’5”, great size, hard to keep from making an impact in the paint once he gets in it.

Raymond Dieng – Infinite Skills 2020: Dieng was the most impactful player on both sides of the floor the entire day. On defense, nothing gets past him in the paint. I counted at least five swats in one game. He gives great effort when rotating to challenge a shot at the rim. On offense, he’s money within eight feet of the basket, but also can push the break & take it the distance, when needed. Easily one of the top three players seen, all day.

Tyler Brown-Carr – Rise Up Athletics (2018 Uncommitted): I liked watching TBC for his craftiness within the paint. He took, and made, some tough shots—no fear in his eyes. When battling for loose balls in the air, he came a way with more than a couple of them. Just really loved his energy.