5 Versatile Players In The Class Of 2019


Posted On: 06/29/18 8:37 AM

Every basketball coach wants versatile players. Players that can extend themselves past a basic set of skills are incredibly valuable to a team’s success. Earlier, we took a look at some versatile basketball players in Michigan’s class of 2020:  Seven Versatile Players In The Class Of 2020

Below are five versatile players in Michigan’s class of 2019:

Trevor Boers (C, Capac, Greg Grant Basketball)

Boers is a skilled post player. He’s an excellent rebounder on both ends of the floor. Boers’ footwork is what sets him apart. He uses his quick feet and body control to extend his game out of the paint and play multiple positions.

Daniel Friday (CG, UD Jesuit, REACH Legends)

Friday can literally play every position. He’s a strong and tough guard who rebounds like a center. Friday can also handle the ball like a high level point guard. During high school season with UD Jesuit, he nearly averaged a double-double with points and rebounds.

Gage McGuire (G/F, Coldwater High School, Greenwood Elite)

McGuire could probably play any position, even at the next level. He has high level ball handling skills and a dangerous jumper that extends beyond the three point line. McGuire also has the size and strength of a post player. He’s an active rebounder who uses his body to score in the paint.

Julian Walker (G/F, Detroit Henry Ford High School, Motor City Bad Boys)

Walker uses his athleticism and strong footwork to enhance his versatile game. He attacks the basket and is a solid finisher at the rim. Walker can line up anywhere from the point guard to the wing. He can effectively guard any of those positions and do it well.

Romeo Weems (SF, New Haven, The Family)

Weems rolls out of bed with a triple-double. There is absolutely nothing that he doesn’t do at an elite level. Weems has the physical tools to dominate in the paint and on the perimeter. Defensively, he can guard any player at any position.