Posted On: 06/14/18 5:32 PM

The class of 2021 Rankings were updated this week and we are now going to continue on with our usual updates that come along with that including our positional breakdowns.  Today, we look at those small forward rankings in the current 2021 Rankings.

# First HT POS High School Grassroots Team
1 Luke Goode 6’5 SF Homestead Indy Heat 2021
2 Douglas Konieczny 6’5 SF South Bend St. Joseph Hayward Hoops 2021
3 Brett Bosley 6’4 SF Paoli Indy Heat 2021
4 Crishawn Christmas 6’4 SF Gary West EG10 2021
5 Chris Mantis 6’4 SF Lowell UA Grind 2021
6 Silas Bauer 6’4 SF Loogootee Indiana Elite Central 2021
7 Jacob Moynihan 6’5 SF Seton Catholic Hayward Hoops 2021
8 Jayden Brewer 6’4 SF Avon Indy Heat 2021
9 Landon Morris 6’5 SF Hamilton Southeastern N/A
10 Brady Hunt 6’4 SF Delta Indiana Elite Northeast 2021
11 Hudson Heidbreder 6’2 SF Floyd Central The Ville 2021
12 Stephen Atkinson 6’2 SF Owen Valley Southwest Rebels 2021

Breakdown: This is a good group of prospects that we will be watching over the course of their high school careers and be able to see the development as they become some of the more intriguing prospects in the state.  We bumped up guys Luke Goode and JR Konieczny because of the development they have shown even from the high school season. But, this could just be the beginning.

Looking down the list, there is a ton of skill at this spot on the floor, bringing with it a good amount of size and upside. As usual, the wing position is possessing the most upside of any of the positions but this may be especially true this class. Guys like Jacob Moynihan and Jayden Brewer haven’t even scratched the surface yet. Hudson Heidbreder too. Mix those guys in with those two at the top and you have some really interesting years ahead to watch.  

A few players did solidify their rankings this time around. Brett Bosley and Chrishawn Christmas played really well this Spring and kind of locked in their floor.  Christmas has a ton more room to grow and as that skill comes around for him, he’s going to get exponentially better.  We did add four new players to this group that has helped with the depth and we have a few guys listed among our power forwards that will likely move down as things develop. 

Overall, you have to be happy with the depth to this point and with not many of the guys listed being close to finished products like you might see with the guard spots, the possibility remains for this to be a high level impact group with many options at the end of their senior years.