Posted On: 06/13/18 1:37 PM

The class of 2021 Rankings were updated this week and we are now going to continue on with our usual updates that come along with that including our positional breakdowns.  Today, we look at those shooting guard rankings in the current 2021 Rankings.

# First HT POS High School Grassroots Team
1 Pierce Thomas 6’4 SG Brownsburg Indy Heat 2021
2 Colson Montgomery 6’4 SG Southridge EG10 2021
3 Michael Eley 6’3 SG Fort Wayne Snider Indiana Elite Central 2021
4 Trevor Taylor 6’2 SG Edgewood EG10 2021
5 Andrew Kroft 6’1 SG Fort Wayne North 1Nation 2020
6 Ronald Johnson 6’1 SG Park Tudor EG10 2020
7 Isaac Vencel 6’0 SG Bloomington North Indiana Elite 2021
8 Andrew Carlton 6’3 SG Evansville Reitz EG10 2021
9 Lincoln Hale 6’3 SG Linton-Stockton Southwest Rebels 2021
10 Aidan Booher 6’3 SG Plainfield Indiana Elite North 2021
11 Cole Greenwalt 5’10 SG Park Tudor Grand Park Premier Red 2021

Breakdown: The class of shooting guards in the 2021 class isn’t really deep right now, at least not what we would expect early on. More talent is distributed to the 3/4 spots which ultimately will end up being good for the class overall. With that being said, the current group is stacked with talent.

Having Pierce Thomas, Colson Montgomery at the top give you those DI type talents that can hold down the position but just below them is where it gets really interesting. Both Michael Eley and Trevor Taylor have been really good this Spring and likely will be considerably higher in August when we rerank, just wanting to see a little more before we make that big jump.  However, both have put themselves in consideration as Top 10 players in the state with upside that is higher than most.

The issue moving forward for the overall depth of the position will be the development of a couple players, Andrew Kroft and Ronald Johnson. Both are guys you could lump in as combo guards with long term eyes being set as lead guards.  They are two guys right in the middle of the rankings that would hurt the depth.

Overall, I think their are players down the list that are really going to be good players with guys like Aidan Booher and Lincoln Hale as two that could explode up the rankings with a solid stretch of play the next two months.  Hopefully over the next two months we can also find some new names to add and help support the depth but the top end talent is always going to be the draw.