Posted On: 06/19/18 2:06 PM

The class of 2021 Rankings were updated this past week and we are now going to continue on with our usual updates that come along with that including our area rankings.  Today, we look at those from the northern part of the state with our 2021 Rankings.

# First HT POS High School Grassroots Team
1 Caleb Furst 6’8 PF Blackhawk Christian Indy Heat 2021
2 Jalen Blackmon 6’0 PG Marion Indy Heat 2021
8 Luke Goode 6’5 SF Homestead Indy Heat 2021
10 Kyle Ross 6’7 PF Andrean Indiana Elite 2021
11 Douglas Konieczny 6’5 SF South Bend St. Joseph Hayward Hoops 2021
14 Rocco Muratori 6’11 C West Lafayette Indy Heat 2021 Red
16 Michael Eley 6’3 SG Fort Wayne Snider Indiana Elite Central 2021
20 Luke Brown 5’10 PG Blackford Indiana Elite 2K20
21 Andrew Kroft 6’1 SG Fort Wayne North 1Nation 2020
22 Naylon Thompson 6’0 PG Bishop Luers Indy Heat 2021 Red
23 Crishawn Christmas 6’4 SF Gary West EG10 2021
27 Adam O’Dell 6’6 C South Bend St. Joseph Hayward Hoops 2021
28 Chris Mantis 6’4 SF Lowell UA Grind 2021
29 Quimari Peterson 5’10 PG Gary West Meanstreets 2021
37 Luka Balac 6’0 PG Munster Indiana Elite 2021
39 Max Grimes 6’2 PG Lafayette Jeff Indiana Elite Ice 2021
42 Brenden Lytle 5’11 PG Bishop Dwenger Indy Heat 2021 Red
45 Ashton Beaver 6’0 PG Lafayette Jeff Indiana Elite Ice 2021
53 Max Jacobsen 6’1 PG Harrison Indiana Elite Ice 2021
55 Joseph Phinisee 6’0 PG McCutcheon Indiana Elite Ice 2021
56 Colton Jones 6’1 PG Valparaiso Indiana Dawgz 2021
57 Weston Hamby 5’11 PG Manchester TPE 2021
60 Cooper Jones 6’5 C Valparaiso N/A

Breakdown: The reality here is that the class is far from being sorted out but the northern and southern parts of the states have a ton of talent, more so than the Indy area.  The Northern has the two best players in the class currently with Caleb Furst and Jalen Blackmon.  They also hold some of the higher upside players with a ton of size/skill.  Those include Luke Goode, JR Konieczny, and Rocco Muratori.  

However, the whole way up and down this group of talent, you have guys like Naylon Thompson, Chris Mantis, and Joseph Phinisee who are nowhere near finished products that we are still waiting to see how they turn out, but at the end could really jump up to support the higher end talent in the area.

Most of the talent is coming from the Fort Wayne area but I think the Lafayette and South Bend areas are strong in this class. The Region might have the most depth of talent in the last five years.