Posted On: 06/30/18 7:43 PM

The class of 2021 Rankings were updated this past week and we are now going to continue on with our usual updates that come along with that including our area rankings.  Today, we look at those from the central part of the state with our 2021 Rankings.

# First HT POS High School Grassroots Team
3 Pierce Thomas 6’4 SG Brownsburg Indy Heat 2021
4 D.J. Hughes 6’7 PF Lawrence North Indiana Elite 2021
18 Gus Etchison 5’11 PG Hamilton Heights Indiana Elite Central 2021
25 Ronald Johnson 6’1 SG Park Tudor EG10 2020
26 Vincent Brady 6’1 PG Lawrence North George Hill Rising Stars 2021
32 Jacob Moynihan 6’5 SF Seton Catholic Hayward Hoops 2021
33 Jayden Brewer 6’4 SF Avon Indy Heat 2021
36 Luke Lacey 6’0 PG Brownsburg UA Grind 2021
38 Landon Morris 6’5 SF Hamilton Southeastern N/A
40 Sean Black 5’9 PG Warren Central Indiana Elite Central 2021
41 Mason Gonzales 6’0 PG Franklin Central Grassroots Indiana 2021
43 Vinny Buccilla 6’1 PG Hamilton Southeastern Hayward Hoops 2021
44 Brady Hunt 6’4 SF Delta Indiana Elite Northeast 2021
46 Cam Brown 6’6 C University N/A
47 Aidan Booher 6’3 SG Plainfield Indiana Elite North 2021
48 Johnny Brunk 6’3 PF Roncalli N/A
49 Cole Greenwalt 5’10 SG Park Tudor Grand Park Premier Red 2021
51 Miles McGowen 6’4 PF Mooresville Indiana Elite North 2021
52 Luke Fowler 6’4 C Mooresville Indiana Elite Central 2021

Breakdown: To this point, the Central part of the state in 2021 has yet to really develop. There are a number of players that will likely come of age here quite soon, as soon as July. However, this is just one of those years where more of the talent resides outside of Indiana. 

One thing to look at here is the guard positions. A bunch of talent at those spots on the floor from Pierce Thomas, Gus Etchison, Ronald Johnson, and many others.  Even down the list, Really like the look of Aidan Booher and Vinny Buccilla as guys that will be really good by the time they are seniors.

Size is the overall concern here. Not much of any outside of D.J. Hughes and Jacob Moynihan up top.  Wings are also lackluster currently with not many options.  Will be interested to see which players will be added to this list post-July and if that will put guys in a spot to help with the depth.