2021 Rankings: Centers


Posted On: 06/15/18 9:36 PM

The class of 2021 Rankings were updated this week and we are now going to continue on with our usual updates that come along with that including our positional breakdowns.  Today, we look at those center rankings in the current 2021 Rankings.

# First HT POS High School Grassroots Team
1 Curt Hopf 6’6 C Forest Park Indiana Elite 2021
2 Rocco Muratori 6’11 C West Lafayette Indy Heat 2021 Red
3 Adam O’Dell 6’6 C South Bend St. Joseph Hayward Hoops 2021
4 Cam Brown 6’6 C University N/A
5 Luke Fowler 6’4 C Mooresville Indiana Elite Central 2021
6 Cooper Jones 6’5 C Valparaiso N/A

Breakdown: The class of centers in this 2021 group is going to be good as we have six players already and we could see a few of them at each tier of talent. Curt Hopf and Rocco Muratori are the two clear best options and will be those 4/5 players at the next level that will be difference makers. I think you will see their development be slower right now but as they get into the last two years of their high school careers, things could take off.

Adam O’Dell has really solidified his position and status with his play this Spring. He’s not likely to be a dynamic player but he’s so good at what he does and how hard he plays that he’s going to be tough to keep away from moving up.  Brown, Fowler, and Jones are all guys that have a chance to get better, Brown the best of that bunch. However, there just aren’t a ton of them right now.

The depth is the biggest issue here as we don’t foresee any of these guys become completely different styles of players moving forward but you always like to see more guys early on because size is pretty difficult to find and also the most likely of the positions to lose players to other sports.  This is where the next year is key as we continue to search for those guys but as it stands right now, there are enough guys to keep the position interesting.