2020 Watch List: Top Shooters


Posted On: 06/25/18 1:01 PM

Below are some of the top shooters from the class of 2020. These guys can let it fly at a high level from deep. Continue to watch them as they fill it up from outside the line.

2020 Watch List: Top Shooters

Cameron Chism 6’2 G Bountiful

Despite his youth, Chism let it fly this past season with a lot of confidence. He is not afraid to shoot it from anywhere on the court and does it at a high level. He is without a doubt one of the top shooters in this class and will look to fill it up even more this upcoming season.

Dallin Hall 6’3 G Fremont

Hall is a proven scorer. Only 3 times last year did he score less than 10 points per game. Thus, classifying him as a “shooter” isn’t fair. However, he is more than capable of shooting it from deep. His ability to score at all three levels makes him one of the most dangerous prospects in this class.

Hayden Shockley 5’11 G American Leadership Academy

Shockley shot the basketball above 40% this past season. He is one of the best shooters in his classification as well as in this class. Due to his role with his team, he has the ball in his hands quite a bit. Thus, he has learned how to shoot it off of the dribble at a high level.

Ren Fonnesbeck 6’0 G Bear River

Bear River shot the basketball at a high rate from 3 last year. Fonnesbeck was a key part of this. He led the team in 3s made as well as 3 point shooting percentage. His ability to let it fly from deep was crucial as it spaced the floor and enabled his teammates to attack the rim at a high level.

Mark Huber 5’10 G Bear River

Huber was arguably the most important player for Bear River last year as he was 2nd in points per game, assists per game, and 3s made. Huber is a playmaker who does an array of things for Bear River. With that said, he shooting is a key part of that as it extends the defense and forces them to guard him beyond the 3 point line.

Derek Smith 6’0 G Delta

Smith is another prospect on this list that cannot be accurately described as a shooter. His shooting ability enables him to make the plays that he makes in the paint. Smith is the top prospect returning to his classification and is one of the best overall prospects in this class.

Mason Falslev 6’3 G Sky View

Falslev is a good athlete with a solid handle and good strength. In addition to being able to get into the paint at will and finish above the rim, he is one of the top shooters from deep. It is hard to say that a prospect will do more than they did the previous year when they already averaged over 20 a game. However, Falslev is a work horse who keeps getting better. 4A is in a world of trouble as this kid is fairly close to being unguardable at the high school level.

Brox Ashby 6’1 G Hillcrest

Ashby is another playmaker who uses his shooting abilities from deep to extend the defense and get into the paint. He averaged nearly 50% of his points from this past season from the 3 point line. He is the primary playmaker for Hillcrest and his shooting is essential to getting into the paint and making plays for himself as well as for his teammates.

Dallin Peterson 6’1 G Cedar City

Peterson is capable of getting into the paint and finishing. However, he was far more comfortable letting it fly from deep. He did not shoot it at as high of a percentage as he would have liked. With that said, he did shoot it above 30% and nearly half of his points came from behind the line. His ability to shoot it from deep and improved percentage from behind the line will be key to Cedar City’s success this next season.