2020 Watch List: Stock Risers to Watch


Posted On: 06/25/18 12:04 AM

The class of 2020 had many prospects who got a chance to compete early. However, here are some of the top prospects who will get more of a chance to show what they can do next season. These prospects have patiently waited their turns and it is now time for them to show that they can make a substantial impact on the varsity level.

2020 Watch List: Stock Risers to Watch

Kemari Bailey 6’5 F Juan Diego

Bailey is strong and athletic. He is capable of being a double-double machine due to his athleticism, physical style of play, and motor. Bailey is far from a finished product, but he has the potential to be a really good basketball player and potentially play this game at the next level. His progress this July will be fun to monitor after having a strong June with Juan Diego.

Josh Jackson 6’4 G Lone Peak

Jackson has been patiently waiting his turn to step in and play a big role for one of the most storied programs in Utah. It is finally his turn and make no mistake about it, he is going to be special. Unlike many programs, Lone Peak does not have rebound years. They reload and often times the prospects who are waiting step in and make the team better than they were previously. Jackson has this potential.

Kylan Shorts 5’10 G Copper Hills

Shorts had moments where he played well for UBC this past spring. He will be intriguing to watch this July as he is a solid point guard who has a really good feel for the game. With Allfrey returning, the number of shots for other prospects will be limited as he is clearly their go to guy. With that said, Copper Hills lost plenty of 2018 role players which should open the door for Shorts and Stone Hutchings to step in and play big roles.

Leonardo Colimerio 6’5 SG/SF Wasatch Academy

It is tough to say what type of role Colimerio will have for Wasatch Academy next year due to the amount of talent that is one the roster. With that said, he is without a doubt an NCAA Division-I prospect with great length and athleticism mixed with a solid skill set. He will be one of the top prospects for Utah Mountain Stars this July.

Mady Sissoko 6’9 F/C Wasatch Academy

Sissoko is one of the most prized prospects on an elite level team at Wasatch Academy. He is wide, long, and moves well. He has a good motor and protects the rim extremely well. Further, he finishes above the rim with authority. Sissoko has an extremely bright future and should continue to blow up this July with Utah Mountain Stars.

Corbin Zentner 5’9 G Wasatch Academy

Despite his height, Zentner has made a huge name for himself. His basketball IQ, ability to shoot it from deep, and speed have made him one of the top point guard prospects in the class of 2020 in Utah. He can flat out play and he is on a roster with other skilled prospects who will aid him in distributing the basketball and showing his good passing skills.

Stone Hutchings 6’3 G Copper Hills

Like Shorts, it will be tough for Hutchings to carve out a huge scoring role for Copper Hills as they have one of the best scorers in the state. However, Hutchings produced at a decent level for the team last year and should be trusted to play an even bigger role for the group this year. In order for Copper Hills to take the next competitive step, Allfrey will need a partner in crime.

Hunter Humphreys 6’1 G Alta

Humphreys is a knock down shooter from deep who can get into the paint and create for himself as well as for others. Despite playing a somewhat limited role for Alta last year, it is safe to say that the program is in his hands this upcoming season. While being the fourth leading scorer last year was intriguing, his play going forward will be heavily relied upon in order for Alta to get back on track.