2020 Watch List: Early Impact Prospects Part 2


Posted On: 06/23/18 9:33 PM

While there are many skilled 2020 prospects who have sat back and waited their turns, there are a couple of 2020s who have already demonstrated they can play at this level. Below is the second list of prospects who had solid seasons despite their youth. Keep an eye on these guys to elevate their play this upcoming season. Here is the link for the first list of prospects.

2020 Watch List: Early Impact Prospects Part 2

Derek Smith 6’0 G Delta

Delta had a good season under the leadership of Smith despite him being an underclassmen. He can score the basketball from all 3 levels and does it at a high level. With Smith returning Delta is in the conversation for a couple of state championships due to his ability to score the basketball at such a high rate.

Brox Ashby 6’1 G Hillcrest

Despite his youth, Ashby is the go to for Hillcrest. Bottom line: If Hillcrest needs someone to make plays, Ashby gets the job done. As if he did not already have to shoulder enough of the weight, he will need to improve his production for Hillcrest to take the next step. The do it all guard will be the workhorse once again.

Andre Mulibea 6’5 G/F East

Mulibea is another versatile prospect on this list. He can play all 5 positions for East and demonstrated such recently at a summer tournament. East continued to mess with the defense by exploiting whichever mismatch the defense attempted to put on him. While he is best suited as a 2 or a 3, he can handle it and shoot it well enough to play the point while having a big enough body and good enough footwork to play on the block.

Isaiah Adams 6’6 F Rowland Hall

Despite playing in a lower classification, Adams is more than worthy of being on this list. He was a double-double nightmare for the opposition this past season. He is long and athletic. His upside is extremely high. He will be one of the top prospects in 2A for the next couple of seasons.

Ethan Langston 6’3 G Bingham

Bingham will look to regroup after losing more games than they had lost in the last 3 seasons combined. In order for them to do that, Langston will need to take his game to another level. He had a good sophomore season in which he averaged over 10 ppg. However, the Bingham standard is high and Langston will need to take a huge step forward to elevate Bingham to the level they are used to.

Braxton Tanner 6’2 G/F Maple Mountain

Tanner is an undersized forward but plays with good aggression and has solid instincts. This assists him in having success on the glass and winning 50/50 balls. Tanner will to transition to more of a guard in order to maximize his college potential. While he did not attempt many 3s, he did shoot it at a decent level from deep this past season.