Posted On: 06/18/18 8:00 AM

The top guards in the class of 2020 are well known and for good reason. Kyree Walker and Nico Mannion sit atop of our rankings, as they should. While it is easy to argue which one should sit atop as they both have accomplished enough to earn that spot. In addition to these two guards, there is plenty of other guards that college coaches should have on their list.

2020 Rankings Update: Top Guards

Kyree Walker 6’5 SG Hillcrest (ASU)

Walker is one of the top players in the nation, let alone in the state. His size and skill set make him quite intriguing. He can shoot the basketball and has a solid handle. Further, he has good strength that enables him to be a tough on-ball defender and get to the rim whenever he wants to. The competition between Walker and Mannion for the top player in the state might just be the start of a competitive spree for the two as Walker goes to Hillcrest as his next destination and Mannion could potentially be going to Arizona.

Nico Mannion 6’3 PG Pinnacle

Mannion has one the best changes of pace and direction of any of the guards that I have seen in Arizona and in the nation. He freezes the defender and shoots it well enough that the defender has to bite on all of his hesitations and pump fakes. Further, he has remarkable court vision and feel for the game. Lastly, he is a better athlete than many give him credit for. He moves extremely well laterally and vertically.

Jeron Artest 6’4 SG Hillcrest

Artest continues to improve in all facets of his game. He is one of the most improved players in the entire state and has demonstrated that he can play this game at a really high level. He shoots the basketball well from anywhere on the floor and has a knack for getting to the foul line. Defensively, he is tough on the basketball as he has good functional strength and moves his feet well.

Dalen Terry 6’4 PG Corona Del Sol

Terry potentially has the most upside out of any guard on this list. His stock continues to rise daily, and he has the skills and athleticism to potentially be one of the top 3 players in the entire 2020 class. He is a more than capable shooter from deep who can get to the rim as well. Further, his length and competitiveness enables him to be an elite on ball defender. Continue to watch him as he has everything needed to be a top tier guard who has a lot of success at the next level.

Evan Nelson 6’3 PG Salpointe Catholic

Nelson is yet another standout guard who has put the rest of the nation on alert this off-season. During the Bash in the Desert, he demonstrated that he is more than worthy of being in the conversation as one of the top guards in the state. He shoots the basketball extremely well from deep and makes his teammates better. He is a playmaker who puts a lot of pressure on the defense. With Nelson and Majok Deng back at Salpointe and Buckeye staying tough, 4A should be quite interesting and far from a preconceived notion that Shadow Mountain will walk away easily with the state title.

2020 Rankings Update: Top Guards Watch List

Xavier Dusell 6’3 PG/SG  Chaparal

Dusell continues to improve. He is one of the best scorers in this group and he shoots the basketball at an alarmingly high rate. He has above average length and is skilled athletically. Defensively, he has everything that he needs to be a skilled defender and to make an impact on the glass. Dusell has as high of a ceiling as any 2020 guard.

Shemar Morrow 6’4 SG/SF Shadow Mountain

Morrow is another high profile guard in this group. He is one of the best guards in the state due to his athleticism and skill set. Morrow was able to get a number of highlight reel dunks due to his athleticism and the guard skills of the Shadow Mountain guards. With that said, in order for him to take his game to the next level, he will need to shoot the basketball more consistently from deep. He has an extremely high ceiling and is more than worthy of being on the watch list to move up in the rankings.

Kiimani Holt 6’3 SG Rancho Solano

Holt is without a doubt one of the best athletes in this group. He is strong and does a good job defensively of keeping the basketball in front and pushing the opposing player out of position. Offensively, he is a walking bucket. He can get to the rim at will and finishes above the rim regularly. Further, he shots the basketball well from deep.

Jerry Iliya 6’6 SG Paradise Honors

Iliya is one of the most intriguing prospects in the state. He is long, athletic, and strong. This combination enables him to attack the rim at will and be a tough on ball defender. Further, he is a capable shooter from deep. He has a number of intangibles which enable him to make a huge impact and potentially move up this list.

Dominic Gonzalez 6’3 PG/SG Ironwood

Gonzalez is one of the best shooters in this group and he has improved his mid-range jumper considerably. He scores the basketball at an extremely high rate and is a solid on ball defender. As he continues to improve his ability to score around the rim, his stock will continue to rise. He has good length and good upside.