Posted On: 06/18/18 3:40 PM

As we move into the final 70 prospects in our 2020 rankings, let’s keep in mind a couple overarching themes present in any statewide ranking. As we mentioned a couple articles ago, players in this range often haven’t emerged quite yet. Some will move way up over time as they develop new skills and fill gaps in their game.

Also, we’re to a very fluid portion of the rankings here, especially for prospects that are this young. There’s not a ton of separation between player no. 76 and no. 100, whereas the difference between no. 1 and no. 25 is usually high-major versus marginal D-I prospect. As we continue checking in with these prospects time and again going forward, flaws and strengths become more pronounced and the rankings become more accurate over time (hopefully).

This is also the range where a lot of our newcomers will land. Sometimes a player will move from, say, no. 77 to no. 89 just because we’re constantly discovering D-III and potential D-II prospects. With that being said, we’ll simply shine a light on our newcomers in this article.


  • No. 80, Taquan Simington & no. 89 Tyrique Hawkins — Along with better known classmates Marcus Johnson and Trevell Adams, expect these two to play featured roles for Columbus South over the course of the next two years. Both boast loads of raw athleticism and potential. Slashing rank high on their list of strengths while Simington is ahead as a shooter and Hawkins provides a presence on the glass.
  • No. 81, Markeece Brown — Brown is an interesting combo guard. He drives and finishes with power but has the IQ to run an offense. We like the tools he possesses and hope he continues molding into a collegiate guard.
  • No. 96, Shameel Abid — Abid is getting quality playing experience with Apex Basketball Club after playing junior varsity as a sophomore at Mason. He’s one of the largest human beings in the 2020 rankings, has a nice free throw stroke, and decent fluidity. Keep an eye on the sleeper.
  • No. 99, Brian Collier — Collier’s game is predicated on pace and getting into the lane off the dribble. He’s a crafty finisher who aggressively looks for his shot. He can make shots from all three levels of the floor and find an open teammate if the defense helps.