Shon Robinson 2019 Top Wings

Posted On: 06/19/18 12:15 PM

The class of 2020 has a lot of versatile wings that can play on the block as well as on the perimeter. This group can play at a high level and a number of them have the potential to play at the NCAA Division-I level. A couple of them have already received substantial NCAA Division-I offers. Below are some of the top wings to watch.

2020 Ranking Update: Top Wings

Jason Harris 6’8 PF Higley

It is extremely rare to see a prospect who is as highly recruited in basketball as he is in football. Bottom line: Harris is a special athlete who can be successful in either sport that he chooses. He is strong with good length and footwork. He can play on the block as well as the perimeter. He is a dominant high school basketball player who has a bright future with this game after high school.

JB Mukeba 6’9 PF Hillcrest

Mukeba is more of a 4 at this point with the potential to be a 3. He has a solid handle and runs the floor extremely well. He is a good athlete with a number of high level uncoachables that make him intriguing to next level coaches. His agility and versatility make him a nightmare for opposing teams. He has a bright future.

Shon Robinson 6’10 SF/PF Higley

Robinson has been one of the most intriguing prospects since moving into the state. He keeps getting better and better. He is more than capable of finishing in the top 5 in this class. He has a good handle and shot while having the length, athleticism, and skill to play on the block. He can be a monster on both ends of the floor with ease.

Kiimani Holt 6’4 SG/SF Rancho Solano

Holt was in our top guards report as well. He is one of the most athletic and versatile prospects in the state. His best upside is as a 2. However, he is capable of playing the 3 at the next level. He would be slightly undersized, but he is strong, fast, athletic, and competitive which would give him the ability to guard an array of 3s and be a tough match-up on the offensive end.

Tosh Baker 6’8 PF/C Pinnacle

Baker is primarily a 5 at this point, but he has improved his ability to shoot the basketball from deep. Further, his agility is continuing to improve which could give him the ability to transition to the 4. He is solid with his back to the basket as he is strong and has good footwork. His motor continues to get better and better. He is poised to have a huge season for Pinnacle.

Fallou Diagne 6’10 PF Tri-City Christian

Diagne is physical and long. He is not afraid of contact and has a soft touch around the rim. Despite being listed as a 4, he is best suited as a 5 at this point. With that said, he has a good handle and is not afraid to put the basketball on the floor. He is good in help side and gets his hands on a lot of shots and in the passing lanes. Diagne has a really high upside.

Roy Eze 6’9 PF

Eze has had a lot of success with Powerhouse Ortega this off-season. He is athletic and getting better and better. He has a couple of good moves on the block with counters. Further, he is good on the glass and capable of being a good rim protector. Eze is still developing but he has high upside and is on college coaches’ radars.

Griffin Lamb 6’7 PF Gilbert

Lamb has a good mid-range jumper and finishes well around the rim. He runs the floor hard and moves well on the defensive end. He is still putting on mass to his frame. However, he is skilled and has the potential to play the 3/4 for multiple programs. His ability to shoot it from deep and put on muscle mass will be crucial to him reaching his highest potential at the next level.

Osa Ighodaio 6’7 PF Desert Vista

Ighodaio is becoming an absolute monster and will most likely climb these rankings in the next update. He is a good athlete with a lot of strength and toughness. He is not afraid to compete and get after it. His motor is solid and he gets a lot of rebounds due to his effort level. Further, he finishes well around the rim and does not need the basketball in his hands in order to make an impact.

Kendyl Watson 6’6 SF/PF Paradise Valley

Watson is one of the top athletes in this group and has a lot of upside. Defensively, he rotates well and protects the rim. Further, he let his team in charges this past year. Offensively, he is able to get to the rim whenever he wants to. Moreover, he has improved his ability to shoot it from deep.