2019 Top Performers: Newberry Team Camp

High School
South Carolina

Posted On: 06/12/18 6:23 PM

Prep Hoops takes continued its camp tour this month at Newberry College in the Upstate on Monday. Lets take a look at some of the 2019 Top Performers from the camp in this article. The event was held at Newberry College and Newberry High School.

Marquez Terry – North Charleston HS (pictured on front)

Terry 6’1 came in like a house of fire today with his 3 point shooting. Terry a left-handed shooting guard carries a 3.5 GPA in the classroom and also runs cross country in the off season. Terry scored 30 points in one of the games today at the Newberry Camp.

Leon Goldsborough

Leon Goldsborough – Chester HS 

Goldsborough 6’3 undersized post player plays with a lot of contact in the paint. Goldsborough told Prep Hoops that he’s no longer playing football for the Cyclones. Goldsborough is very nimble on his feet and a soft touch in the paint. Goldsborough is a mover-screener on the floor. Goldsborough runs AAU with the Rock Hill Ballers.

Romello Grant

Romello Grant – Stall HS 

Grant plays inside the paint like a warrior for the most part. Grant averaged a double-double last season for Stall HS. Grant averaged 24.7 ppg and 13 rebounds last season. Grant runs AAU with Rock Nation Impact. Grant does his best work inside the paint from about 2-4 feet in.

Seth Rivers

Seth Rivers – Stall HS 

Rivers led the Palmetto State last season with 142 blocks (5.5 bpg). Rivers averaged 7.7 ppg and 9.6 rebounds last year. Rivers 6’6 has a great wingspan. Rivers still tends to have heavy feet. Rivers is not playing AAU this summer.

Dorrien Bagley

Dorrien Bagley – Chester HS 

Bagley 5’11  a strong left-handed combo guard sees the floor really well. Bagley likes to utilize the floater in the lane and for sure plays the game at 94 feet and all times. Bagley was a All-Region performer last season at Safety for the Cyclones on the football field. Bagley has a really quick 1st step to the basket.