2019 Top Performers : Manning Monarchs Shootout

High School
South Carolina

Posted On: 06/13/18 8:16 PM

Prep Hoops continues to travel the Palmetto State all year long. Prep Hoops is your source for all the latest basketball coverage in the Palmetto State all year long. The event consisted of 8 teams and today we didn’t watch the host team Manning HS play since they were shorthanded several players including Corey Graham.

Jamal Edmonson – Ashley Ridge HS (Summerville)  (pictured on front)

Edmonson finished everything from 10 feet in today. Edmonson if it seems has been around for awhile its because he has. Edmonson will be playing his 6th year of varsity basketball this coming season for the Swamp Foxes. Edmonson started off as a 8th grader at Stall HS before moving onto Northwood Academy for 3 seasons. Edmonson reclassified in the 8th grade Northwood Academy.

Edmonson played this past season as junior at Ashley Ridge HS where he averaged 21.6 ppg. Edmonson is playing AAU with Georgia South this July. Edmonson has a great knack to score the ball and is extremely efficient around the ball. Edmonson plays bigger than his size and rebounds the ball well on bot ends.

Juwan Perdue

Juwan Perdue – Lakewood HS 

Perdue is back as the leader this season for the Gators. Perdue a bouncy left-handed forward will run with Team Loaded North Carolina this July he told Prep Hoops. Perdue currently has a scholarship offer from South Carolina State. Perdue really excels in the transition and today through down a big-time dunk on a put back.

Perdue averaged 10.9 ppg and 8 rebounds last season for the Gators.

Nazir Andino

Nazir Andino – Lakewood HS

Andino is a interesting young man. Andino played this past weekend at Crestwood HS and then enrolled at Lakewood HS on Monday. Andino played today with more aggressiveness and desire than I’ve seen him play with before. Andino played on the ball a lot today for the Gators.

James Edwards – Lake Marion HS (Santee)  

Edwards is a virtual unknown to everyone in the Palmetto State. Edwards 6’4 undersized post played his tail off today while in the game for the Gators. Edwards looked to seal and set screens on the floor. Edwards was active away from the ball and wasn’t afraid to put a body on someone. Edwards hasn’t played basketball since his freshman season.