2019 Top Performers : Charleston Southern University Team Camp

High School
South Carolina

Posted On: 06/9/18 6:10 PM

Prep Hoops takes a look at some of the notable performers from Day 1 at the Charleston Southern University Team Camp. Prep Hoops took in the action over at Stall HS.

Michel Dukes (2019) – First Baptist (pictured on front) 

Dukes plays with such a another gear at times while on the floor. Dukes loves to attack the basket from the left-side despite being right handed. Dukes is ranked #10 in the 2019 Palmetto State Rankings. Dukes has rushed for over 4,000 yards the past 2 seasons on the football field and has many college football offers. Dukes will look to lead the Hurricanes offense again this coming season.


Dukes has received football offers from Arkansas, South Carolina, Oregon, Virginia Tech along with many others. 13 football offers to be exact.

Joe Powell

Joe Powell (2019) – First Baptist 

Powell is a very deceptive athlete and a knockdown shooter on the floor. Powell 5’11 is very crafty with the ball and has the ability to use the ball screen to get a open look. Powell runs AAU with TMP and Josiah James.

Derrick Larry

Derrick Larry (2019) – Summerville HS 

Larry a point guard had a 3 to 1 ratio last year assist to turnover. Larry uses his body well to fight off contact on the floor. Larry sets the table and gets the offense in order while on the floor. Larry plays with the Hardwood Warriors AAU team.


Jadon Moore

Jadon Moore (2019) – West Ashley HS 

Moore has waited his turn patiently for Head Coach Ronnie Dupre. Moore a point guard really likes to swarm the ball and get into the gaps whenever possible. Moore is a pesky defender that really likes to play up-tempo when given the chance. 


Marlon “OJ” Hill

Marlon “OJ” Hill (2019) – West Ashley HS 

Hill has the tools and just needs to figure it out at times. Hill has a great body and frame to him. Hill at times gets very passive with shot and he needs to look to attack the basket more often. Hill didn’t play AAU this past spring.

Devin Ramsey

Devin Ramsey (2019) – West Ashley HS

Ramsey 6’7  looked to have lost weight this past season and showed some good glimpses today when he wanted to on one side of the block. Ramsey needs to get more active away from the ball but, did rebound the ball well on both sides of the floor. Ramsey has been a journeymen over the years in high school and on the AAU circuit. Ramsey is currently playing with Georgia South.


Keep in mind we didn’t see every team here at the camp and we still have all month long to watch some of these other teams throughout the Palmetto State.