2019 Rankings Update: NOVA Guards (Part 2)


Posted On: 06/29/18 8:36 PM

We’re heading into the senior season of the 2019 class, one that we at Prep Hoops VA have had the pleasure of watching grow from when they were just freshmen. This class has seen new players come in, some players leave for programs outside of the state, and have seen some massive changes over the years. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone in July and August, and come time for the new season to start we’re sure there will be even more changes coming.

Over the next few weeks we will be breaking down the rankings by positions and locations. With that being said, here’s a look at part two of the Northern Virginia area ball handlers we ranked in the 2019 rankings.

*Editors Note: These breakdowns are based on where the players play high school basketball at.

Quentin James | 5’11” PG | Lake Braddock/Team Takeover Grey (#49 Overall)

Quentin James

James is a strong and shifty point guard who gets after it on both ends and can really score the basketball. He’s an above average shooter, and once he makes a couple he can get downhill and use his strength to finish around the rim. He plays much bigger than his 5’11” frame, as he’s able to use his strength to create space off of bigger defenders at the rim and he has explosiveness that allows him to elevate over defenders to take and make contested shots. He has good instincts on both ends of the floor, and is a guy that is very tough to contain in isolation situations. He’s one of the top dual threat point guards in public school basketball in Northern VA.

Daryl Mackey Jr. | 6’1” G | West Potomac/Team Takeover Grey (#58 Overall)

Daryl Mackey

Mackey may be a high volume shooter, but once he gets it going he can flat out score the basketball. He shoots it well off the catch with deep range, but he’s also shifty with decent size and good athleticism with the ball in his hands. He’s a natural scorer who will find a spot at the next level with his ability to score it from all three levels. He has a supreme confidence as a scorer, especially when he knows he needs to fill it up at a high level to help his team win. On or off the ball he will work to get shots, and once he hits a few it’s going to be a long night. His mix of athleticism and shot making ability gives him a big advantage when it comes to scoring the basketball.

Ethan Lynch | 6’2” G | Bishop Ireton (#62 Overall)

Ethan Lynch

A big lead guard with a good skill set, Lynch knows how to use his size to finish around the basket and he can see over defenders and make passes that other lead guards can’t. He shoots it well from the outside and he’s very crafty with the ball in his hands as he’s able to change pace and get in the lane easily. You can move him off the basketball to make shots or you can have him lead the team and get you into your sets, and in transition his height allows him to see over defenders and deliver good passes to his teammates.

Hunter Auch | 6’0” G | Briar Woods (#80 Overall)

Hunter Auch

Auch is a very steady, high IQ point guard that does all of the things you want out of a leader. He takes care of the basketball, gets you into your sets, makes others better and is a natural born leader. He can shoot the lights out from deep, competes on both ends and is the guy who wants the ball in his hands late in the game. He’s methodical in the way that he plays, and he’s capable of making plays both on and off the basketball. His versatility offensively as a scorer and a distributor is something that you just have to pick your poison with.

Matias Prock | 6’1” PG | McLean/NOVA Cavs (#83 Overall)

Matias Prock


A big guard that has a knack for scoring, Prock is able to use his size and shot making ability to get it done despite not being the best athlete. He has a high IQ, is a knock down shooter from deep and he has a toughness about him that you wouldn’t expect. He’s a vocal leader that can be encouraging when you need him to be and tough on his teammates when need be, and he’s a guy who wants the ball in the biggest of situations in the biggest of games. He may not be the guy you expect to torch you when he walks in the gym, but don’t get it twisted he will light you up.

Draykeau Hogan | 5’11” PG | Osbourn/CTAB Elite (#92 Overall)

Draykeau Hogan

Hogan is a heady point guard who knows how to play in a system as his high school team is very structured. He gets you into your sets, and not only that but he executes them and has good vision and feel when reading the defense. He has a solid middle game and can shoot it off the catch and will put you team in situations to win the game. He’s the perfect guard for Head Coach Rocky Carter, because he’s coachable, smart and is able to execute within sets but also gives you a little something extra with his ability to create off the bounce and make shots when everything breaks down.