Posted On: 06/13/18 6:46 AM

It makes sense to bring exposure to several players who are premiering in our rankings for the first time this week. Although we’ve seen many of these guys before the spring, they’ve taken their games up a notch recently. So, here are the newcomers!

No. 101, Chris Richardson — We actually watched Richardson several times before this spring. However, we were foolish to think that his production as a scorer was a function of playing alongside Northwestern incoming freshman Pete Nance, one of Ohio’s most gifted passers.

But Richardson has proven capable of creating his own shot for the Bobcats. He’s sort of an offensive hybrid — scoring like an athletic forward and beating guys off the dribble like a wing. He has above average athleticism, strength, and passing ability.

No. 110, Tehree Horn — Similar to Richardson, we’re taking an L for not viewing Horn as a prospect earlier. He has thrived in his role with All Ohio Gold, whereas he was frankly a sidepiece for Southview at times last year. Horn is a combo guard with height, extremely fluid handling ability, and a pull-up jumper. He gets a lot of lift on his shot and can hit over small point guards. Also, a team-first player who moves the ball and spaces the floor. Shares similarities with no. 89 Bodie Eberhart in terms of ball skills.

No. 116, Ryan Wolfe — Wolfe is a powerfully built shooting specialist. On an OH-Nakasian team that spaces the floor and runs motion offense, Wolfe has made himself valuable by knocking down shots and running offense. We believe he could defend one through three at the Division III level because of his strength, but definitely one and two.

No. 117, Kellan Bochenek — Bochenek is a nicely built and long wing that specializes as a shooter also. He has legitimate 6’4” height and occasionally will impress with a rebound in traffic. Yet he mostly places himself beyond the arch for catch-and-shoot opportunities. Shot 38 percent from 3-point land on 132 attempts last season at Fairmont. We’d like to see him use size on the drive more often.

No. 120, Phil Hughes — Hughes has shined in his grassroots basketball role, where he’s been afforded opportunities to score and an immense amount of playing time. Reliable energy that shows itself on the boards, transition, and interior defense. Hughes has flashed an ability to shoot outside jumpers when he has space, which he creates by relocating.

No. 141, Landen Long — Long has a really pure jump shot and the looks of a quality floor spacing off-ball point guard. He values the ball and facilitates offense. Goshen has offered.

No. 159, Sahmi Willoughby — Willoughby played junior varsity ball last season and still has a lot to prove as a senior in the OCC. But his consistency as a long active defender, shot-maker in the paint, mid-range shooter, and rebounder erased our skepticism. He still may be two years away from sniffing a college floor, but the kid has tools to work with.

No. 165, Josh Russell — Things seem to be coming together for the high-academic point guard from Upper Arlington. Russell has grown in confidence and court presence, as he impresses with quality on-court communication. As an offensive player, he brings shooting and unselfishness with the rock. Definitely doesn’t over-dribble and is mostly used as a secondary ball-handler.