2019 Ranking Update: Top Shooters


Posted On: 06/23/18 12:37 AM

The class of 2019 has a number of shooters with good length. While there are plenty of guards who can let it fly, having 3s and 4s who are capable of connecting from behind the line is a luxury that is being heavily sought after at the college ranks. Below are the top prospects in this group in terms of shooting.

2019 Ranking Update: Top Shooters

Tyson Garff 6’4 SG Davis

Garff makes a living on his sharp shooting abilities. Not only is he a knockdown threat from deep, but he uses his mid-range jumper well. His ability to stop on a dime and shoot it at a high level is quite impressive. Garff’s shooting percentages from this past season were off the chart. He is more than deserving of being on the top 2019 shooters list.

Jeremy DowDell 6’2 SG Olympus

While there are plenty of solid shooters on this list, it is safe to say that few fill it up at as high of a level as DowDell from deep. He can shoot it at a moments notice from an array of spots and off of the catch as well as off of the dribble. DowDell and Jones will be a big time combination once again with DowDell supplying the knockdown shooting.

Lawson Roe 6’1 SG Juan Diego

Juan Diego will be young but still have one of the best teams in the state for 4A. Roe will aid them in that greatly due to his ability to let it fly from deep. He is one of the top shooters in the state and is not afraid to let it fly. He has a good release and does not force the issue. Hence, his high shooting percentage.

Matt Norman 6’2 SG Timpanogoes

Norman is one of the most efficient shooters in the state. He does not force shots and takes good shots which aids him in shooting it at a really high percentage. Further, he has gained weight in the weight room and has improved his ability to create shots for himself off of the dribble. He looks poised to take on a huge role for a Timpanogoes team that is promising.

Taylor Zwick 6’2 SG East

Zwick moves well without the basketball and does not need much space to shoot it at a high level. His solid footwork and smooth release make him dangerous from anywhere outside the 3 point line. Zwick’s ability to shoot it from 3 will be needed now more than ever with the departure of their primary big man from last season.

Christian Rich 6’2 SG Highland

Rich was the most consistent shooter for Highland this past season. With a relatively young group returning, Rich will be expecting to continue this role as Highland seeks to have even more success than they had this past year.

Nate Hansen 6’3 SG/SF Timpview

Hansen will see his role and production sky rocket now that his partner Hunter Erickson has moved on. He shot the basketball at a high rate this past season while being the second leading scorer for Timpview. The expectations for Hansen will be higher than ever. His ability to shoot the basketball from deep will be needed greatly in order for Timpview to maintain their high level of play.

Rylan Jones 6’1 PG Olympus

While Jones primarily plays the role of playmaker, part of the reason that he is able to create as well as he does is his ability to shoot the basketball from 3 and mid-range. Jones is far from a one trick pony who can only pass. Rather, he keeps the defense honest due to his ability to score it as well.

Tanner Cuff 6’6 SG/SF American Fork

Cuff is one of the most intriguing prospects in this class. He will move up to American Fork to form an interesting duo with another sharpshooting big man in Isaac Johnson. This combination is deadly and should be quite intriguing to watch. While Cuff is not as high profile of a prospect as Johnson, he is a more than capable shooter who will make an immediate impact on this team.

Isaac Johnson 6’10 PF American Fork

As mentioned earlier, Johnson and Cuff will combine to be a really nice duo of 3/4s who can shoot the basketball and provide length. Johnson is one of the best players in the state as well as in the nation. He is heavily sought after due to his length and ability to shoot the basketball from deep.

Roulervee Vann 5’10 PG Granger

Vann did a little big of everything for Granger last year. With that said, one of his schools that was most vital to the team was his ability to shoot the basketball from deep. He is a consistent shooter from downtown which aids him in getting into the paint and creating for others.