2019 Ranking Update: Top Posts


Posted On: 06/19/18 11:26 AM

One of the areas where Utah lacks depth is with true post players. With that said, at the top end, Matt Van Komen and Collin Jeppson are both high caliber bigs who could be playing this game at the NCAA Division-I level. The following big men are skilled prospects who college coaches should have on their radars.

2019 Ranking Update: Top Posts

Matt Van Komen 7’3 Pleasant Grove

Van Komen is without a doubt the top post player in Utah in the class of 2019. His length and motor alone are enough to get him recruited to the next level. It is extremely rare to find a 7’3 big man, let alone one who can get up and down the court fairly well. As far as skill is concerned, Komen has an improving touch around the rim. Further, he has good footwork on the block.

Collin Jeppson 6’10 Layton

Jeppson is long and knows how to use his length to make an impact on the game. He is one of the best rim protectors in the state. Further, he is great on the glass. He has a good motor as well and finishes well around the rim. At this point, he is best suited as a 5 who plays on the block, but he could improve his stock by improving his ability to shoot it from deep and transitioning to a 4/5.

Blake Freeland 6’8 Herriman

Freeland is wide and long which aids him in protecting the paint and pushing opposing post players off of the block. Further, he is able to use his wide frame to create space and opportunities for himself on the offensive end. While he only averaged 8 points per game this past year, he did it while shooting the basketball quite efficiently on the block.

Braxton Meah 6’11 Layton Christian

Meah has a lot of potential and upside. His length, like many of the other prospects on this list, is quite desirable. Further, he has a soft touch around the rim and an improving post game. As he continues to add weight to his frame, his stock will continue to grow. He has the potential to play at the next level and will received top tier coaching from Coach Porter at LCA.

Tyson Madson 6’6 Box Elder

Madson has a good enough shot that he could potentially transition to a 4. With that said, he is best suited as a post player at this point. Despite being undersized, he is able to make a huge impact on the defensive end and on the glass. He plays hard and is physical.

Marcus Sherwood 6’5 Providence Hall

While he did it at a lower classification, Sherwood is still worthy of being on this list due to being a double-double machine. He plays hard and has good instincts. This enables him to corral rebounds that bigger centers don’t get. He has good footwork and is fairly agile. He will need to transition to a 3 or a 4 to maximize his upside at the next level. However, the effort with which he plays is second to none.

Cameron Hoppensteadt 6’4 Grand

Hoppensteadt is another big man who makes a big impact at a lower classification. While he does not have a lot of upside as a center, he makes a huge impact at the high school level. He is physical and competes on every possession. He does all of the little things that teams need in order to be successful. His toughness makes his team better and makes them play harder.