2019 Top Posts

Posted On: 06/12/18 12:06 PM

While this group does not have many true post prospects, there are plenty of talented 4s who could potentially maximize their potential by transitioning to the 3. Cameron Katal and Latrell Swan are the longest prospects in this classification. However, there are many talented prospects in this group.

2019 Arizona Rankings Update: Top Posts

Andre Harris 6’7 PF Red Mountain (Powerhouse UA)

Harris has blown up and holds multiple NCAA Division-I offers. He is an undersized 4 at the next level. However, he has good footwork on the block and makes great decisions with the basketball. He has expanded his game and is capable of shooting it from deep.

Ethan Spry 6’8 PF/C Scottsdale Christian (Alvin Gentry Elite)

Spry has a high basketball IQ and is a more than capable of playing on the wing. He is a good shooter from deep and can rip through and attack. Further, he has solid footwork on the block and finishes well around the rim.

Shaun Walhstrom 6’8 PF/C Estrella Foothills (Alvin Gentry Elite)

Walhstrom and Spry are quite similar in their skill sets and both participate with Alvin Gentry Elite. He has good footwork on the block and finishes well with his right hand. Moreover, Walhstrom is still working to improve his ability to play along the perimeter at a more efficient rate. He is a capable shooter.

Connor Braun 6’8 PF Valley Christian (Powerhouse UA)

Braun is a more than capable shooter from deep who possesses good length. He is a stretch four who is capable of finishing around the rim and above the rim. He has a good motor and moves well without the basketball.

Cameron Katal 6’10 PF/C Westview (Factory)

Katal uses his length well on the defensive end to contest shots and protect the paint. Offensively, he is able to shoot it at a decent rate from 3. His motor is continuing to get better which is aiding him in making more and more plays on both sides of the floor. Katal has the tools to be a solid prospect.

2019 Arizona Ranking Updates: Post Watch List

Lucas Elliott 6’8 PF Pusch Ridge (Powerhouse Tucson)

Elliott is long and has a decent tough around the rim. Further, he has an above average motor. His footwork needs to continue to improve in order to maximize his potential. Lastly, he has a consistent 15 foot mid-range jumper.

Miles Houston 6’8 PF Perry (Powerhouse Schumaker)

Houston uses his height and body well to corral rebounds. He seals for space on the block as well which enables him to get deep seals and easy layups. Moreover, he has a smooth jump shot, and he is a good passer. He has a good feel for the game and is a solid prospect.

Adam Hamilton 6’7 PF/C Buckeye (Team Zona)

Hamilton has grown a couple of inches this off-season and has improved his finishing around the rim. He has a nice hook shot over his right and left shoulder. Further, he is a good passer out of the post and has a decent mid-range jumper. He has a lot of upside and has improved greatly while playing with Team Zona this off-season.

Jackson Tillapaugh 6’7 PF Wickenburg (Powerhouse)

Tillapaugh made the move to Wickenburg and had a lot of success this past season. He is a versatile prospect who can play on the perimeter and on the block. While he is best suited with his back to the basket, he shot the basketball well from the perimeter this past season.

Latrell Swan 7’0 C Pinnacle (Blue Chip Nation Elite)

Swan is the longest prospect in this class. He is extremely raw, but has good length and height. His upside is there which is why he is playing with one of the top club teams in the state. As he continues to improve, he could end up being a legitimate college prospect.