Majok Deng 2019 Arizona

Posted On: 06/8/18 12:15 PM

One of the biggest strengths of the class of 2019 is its versatility. The wings listed below are some of the most versatile prospects in the class of 2019. These guys can make plays at a high level while playing an array of positions. Keep an eye on these prospects as all of high ceilings and are receiving serious NCAA Division-I interest.

2019 Arizona Ranking Updates: Top Wings

Terry Armstrong 6’6 SG Bella Vista

Armstrong is without a doubt the top prospect in this class. He has good functional muscle mass, can shoot the basketball on the catch and off the dribble, and can attack the rim at a high level. Defensively, he uses his length well and is capable of being a high level on-ball and help side defender. Armstrong is one of the top prospects in the state as well as in the nation.

Emmanuel Taban 6’7 SG/SF Apollo (Factory)

Taban’s basketball IQ is through the roof. He is strong on the glass and often pushes it up the floor himself on the outlet. His ability to make decisions in full court situations is one of the things that makes him a special prospect. In addition to his IQ, he uses his length well on the defensive end and has good anticipation skills. Lastly, he is one of the top shooters in the state.

Majok Deng 6’5 SF Salpointe Catholic (Powerhouse UA)

I have raved in the past about his ability to do an array of things. That is still what keeps him at a high spot in these rankings. He is a good athlete who moves well without the basketball and does as many things as possible to impact the game. He isn’t particularly great at one thing. Rather, he is really good at a lot of things that aid him in making his team win games.

Stephan Gabriel 6’7 SG Hillcrest (Team Inspire)

Gabriel is one of the most intriguing 2019 prospects due to his strength and guard skills. At the Bash in the Desert, he played a mixture of the 1 and the 2 at 6’7. While point is not his natural position, he has a good feel for the game and a good handle which enables him to play it in spurts. Gabriel is a good shooter who can attack the rim well. His strength enables him to move bodies and get to his desired spots on the court.

Jalen Graham 6’8 SF/PF Mountain Pointe (Team Why Not)

Graham’s athleticism and toughness are crucial to the success that he has on the floor. He is able to attack off of the dribble and be successful on the block. Defensively, he is a good on ball defender and solid in help side. Further, he has a good motor and crashes the glass extremely well.

Prospects to Watch

Payton Dickerson 6’7 SG/SF Hillcrest (Blue Chip Nation Elite)

Dickerson really stood out at the Prep Hoops Bash in the Desert due to his length and ability to shoot it from anywhere on the floor. He runs the floor well and has good shot selection. Further, his size enables him to get his shot off against most defenders. Dickerson has a high ceiling and could continue to make his way up this list.

Otis Frazier 6’5 SG Buckeye (Powerhouse UA)

Frazier is one of my favorite prospects in the class of 2019. He does not need the basketball in his hands to make an impact. He moves well without the basketball and does the little things that coaches love. Further, he has an extremely high ceiling due to his solid handle, ability to shoot, length, and athleticism. Frazier’s ceiling is extremely high and he continues to climb the Prep Hoops Rankings.

John Harge 6’8 SF/PF Hillcrest (Team Inspire)

Harge recently reclassified to 2019 and will be attending Hillcrest Prep. The big man is strong and physical. He is a decent shooter from deep, but he is at his best on the block or ripping through and attacking the rim. His wide frame and toughness aid him in playing “bully ball” and being good in help side.

Jordan Mains 6’7 SF Pinnacle (Jamal Murray Elite)

Mains is one of the best shooters in this class. Further, he has good length and athleticism. He runs the floor well and moves well without the basketball. His ability to be in a knockdown shooter is his biggest strength right now. However, his length and solid vertical give him a lot of room for growth in other areas.