Posted On: 05/16/18 9:30 AM

Several Kentucky AAU programs made the trip to Indianapolis this past weekend for the annual Adidas May Classic. Some teams saw a lot of success while others struggled. Here’s a brief recap of every Kentucky team’s performance last weekend at the Adidas May Classic.


Charlotte Court – Tyler went 1-2. Won over Tipping Point/IE – Beadles; losses to Indiana Elite 113-49 and Indiana Elite – Northeast 65-40.

Louisville Magic went 5-1 and lost the Championship game to Indiana Elite 74-69. They beat Indiana East 2021 Sickels 85-61, Washington Dream Chasers 68-35, Club Elite 2021 South Bend 83-60, M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs 86-60 and G3 Grind 62-61.

G3 Grind is an Indiana program but has Fern Creek’s Jaden Rogers and Darrius Washington on their roster. Grind went 4-1 with wins over Together We Ball 2021 69-42, Sky Ice Elite – Roy 92-61, Grassroots Indiana 81-68, Manimal Elite 71-68 and the 62-61 loss to Louisville Magic in the semifinals.

Louisville Legends went 4-1 and also advanced to the Gold bracket with wins over Indiana Virtue Elite 78-36 and Hoop Dreams 63-53. In bracket play they beat Charlotte Court – Nimbo 53-45 and Lima Gators 79-64 before losing to Indiana Elite 80-59 in the semifinals.

Manimal Elite went 3-1 with wins over Grand Park Premier Black 79-43, Team Southern Indiana 68-32 and Ohio Stars 83-72 before falling 71-68 to G3 Grind in the quarterfinals.

Louisville Prospects went 0-2 in pool play with losses to Indiana Elite Central 81-67 and H.I.T. Basketball 73-64. They later made a run in the bronze bracket by beating Indiana Elite Blackout 43-17 and Washington Dream Chasers 62-53 before falling in the semifinals 68-63 to Together We Ball to finish 2-3 on the weekend.

M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs went 3-1 on the weekend with wins over Indiana Elite Blackout 67-23, Indiana Faith 61-58 and Indiana Elite Central 87-82 before losing to Louisville Magic 86-60 in the quarterfinals of the gold bracket.

Charlotte Court – Nimbo finished 2-1 after winning their pool by beating Indiana Elite Select 73-36 and Team Blaze 62-31. They lost 53-45 to the Louisville Legends in the Gold bracket.


A great showing for 2021 Kentucky teams as half of the quarterfinals were Kentucky teams and half of the final 4 was made up of Louisville teams.

The bracket was definitely slanted to give Indiana Elite the easiest path possible to the title game and they got it.

Having Manimal Elite, G3 Grind, Louisville Magic and M.A.T.T.S. Mustangs on the same side of the bracket is seriously loaded.



Kentucky Pressure split 1-1 in pool play by beating Under the Radar 67-61 and falling to Indiana Elite 78-40. In Silver Bracket play, they beat Charlotte Court 61-59 before losing to Indiana Elite Prospects 66-63.

Louisville Magic won their pool 72-46 over Grand Park Premier Red and IE Side 62-37. In bracket play, they lost the Gold title game to Indiana Elite 69-36. Before that, they beat Sky Ice Elite 84-73, Grassroots Indiana 73-57 and EG10 Basketball Silver 69-52 finishing the weekend 5-1.

The Ville lost to IE 2020 East 65-57 and DistinXion C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. 2020 Black 53-48 to fall to the bronze bracket where they were named Co-Champions after beating Team Indiana 46-45, Northside Spartans 2020-Staal 61-54 and IN Elite Northeast 69-55 and finished the weekend 3-2.

Louisville Prospects split bracket play 1-1. They lost to Indiana Elite Central 77-50 before beating DistinXion C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. 2020 Red 74-55. In the silver bracket, the Prospects lost to H.I.T. Basketball 53-34 to end the weekend 1-2.

Charlotte Court lost in the silver bracket 61-59 to Lexington Pressure. In pool play they split by losing to IH Team 2020 90-69 and beating Southwest Rebels 69-41.



Louisville Magic are making their case to be named the top 16u team in Kentucky. They’ll have their chance to improve their resume this weekend at Gibbons in Atlanta.

The rest of the 16u teams struggled over the weekend. Teams not named Louisville Magic combined to go 7-8 over the weekend but the Ville did capture the bronze co-championship to end with a winning record.



The Louisville Magic won their pool with an 80-28 win over Indiana Elite – Caster and DistinXion C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. White 81-20. In Gold Bracket play the Magic lost to St. Louis Majestics 56-55, ending their weekend at 2-1.

Louisville Legends 17u won their pool with a 65-35 win over Men of the Family and DistinXion C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N.S. Black 67-25. They, like the Magic, lost to Indiana Elite Unsigned 81-76 in the opener of bracket play to finish 2-1.

Manimal Elite went 2-0 in pool play by beating Indy EBC White 83-53 and Indiana Elite Premier 75-72. They won their opening game of the gold bracket 67-47 over Indiana Elite Central before losing to Tennessee Edge 17u 70-67.

Charlotte Court won their pool by beating Southwest Rebels – Oldham 55-51 and Grassroots Indiana 72-69 before losing the bracket opener 85-69 to Indiana Elite Ice 2019.

Team KY Pressure went winless in pool play by dropping games to IE Side 2019 52-49 and taking the rare forfeit loss to Northside Spartans. They also forfeit their bracket game to Game Time. Not sure what happened with the Pressure this weekend.



Another disappointing weekend for the 2019 class in Kentucky. Where the 2021 teams dominated the weekend, 2019 only placed one team in the quarterfinals of the Gold bracket and Manimal Elite’s run ended there.

The KY Pressure results seem bizarre. To forfeit 2 games in a tournament is rare. Anyone know the story there?

The Louisville Legends 17u were mainly their 16u team playing up with a couple of additions from Aspire Academy. Not a bad weekend for the 2020 kids.

9-7 Overall from Kentucky teams is less than ideal but the “shoe teams” combined to go 5-2 which looks much better on paper.


There will be another big tournament this weekend as several teams head to Atlanta for Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions. Look forward to a weekend preview after the schedule drops tonight and a full recap next week after the champions are crowned. Until then, follow @prephoopsKY on twitter for all the latest news.