UTS Elite 15u Wins Adidas Silver Gauntlet Regional Championship


Posted On: 05/29/18 8:01 AM


UTS Elite 15u continues to make their prescense felt on both a regional and national level. Last weekend they traveled to Schaumburg, IL for the Adidas Gauntlet Circuit Series. UTS Elite 15u was prepared to take on the competition and become the Chicago Region Champions. The 15u team has quickly become a team to see this spring.

UTS Elite 15u proved to be the best in the field and held the championship trophy at the end of the weekend. Their exceptional defense was a key to the team’s success. They only allowed their opponents to score an average of 44 points per game. UTS Elite 15u played both man-to-man and zone defenses, both of which locked down other teams. They also implemented a new Diamond Press which ratcheted up the pressure and forced turnovers. ‘Offensively, we did what we do best: RUN,” said Coach Lancaster.

The UTS Elite squad played exceptional team basketball at the Adidas Silver Gauntlet Chicago Regional. Every player contributed to the championship weekend. UTS Elite’s second leading scorer, Andrel Anthony Jr., was out with an injury (he will return at 100% for a busy July schedule). His absence last weekend opened the door for newcomer Trinidad Chambliss to step in and make an immediate impact. Make an impact he did, leading the team with 24 points against the Raptors Elite.

C/O Marcus Lancaster
UTS Elite 15u


Game 1:

UTS Elite vs Raptors Elite 53-33

Game 2:

UTS Elite vs Prospectors

Game 3:

UTS Elite vs Young & Reckless 64-57

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UTS Elite


1st Game vs Raptors Elite

Trinidad Chambliss led the team with 24 points.
Kobe Bufkin had 12 points.
TJ Barnes had 12 points.

2nd Game vs Prospectors

Kobe Bufkin led the team with 22 points.
TJ Barnes had 13 points.
Jacarri Barnes had 8 points and 14 rebounds.

3rd Game vs Young & Reckless

Kobe Bufkin led the team with 16 points.
TJ Barnes had 10 points.
Kalil Stimage had 10 points.