USBA Tourney Standouts

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 05/2/18 10:32 PM

LBA Thunder Senior Guard Latrell Lloyd: Although he will be playing football at the collegiate level, he has shown over the years that he is a solid basketball player which was on display this weekend. He got into the passing lanes early and often, as well attacking the paint which forced the defenses to collapse, overall solid performance.

WBC Elite 2024 Guard Rodmik Allen: Before you make any judgments just remain and calm and continue to read. In no way shape or form are we saying at this age, that he is a no brainer to be a star in high school or college but throughout the two days of this event he was clearly one of the most impressive players in the building. The nephew of former Arizona Star Guard Kadeem Allen, hoops clearly runs in his blood, he has a nice natural feel for the game and has a chance to be special if he continues to work.

LBA Thunder Junior Forward Jeremyah McWilliams: There is a lot to like about this youngster and a good amount of upside in him as long as he continues to work. He’s a legit 6’6 with a long wingspan and can makes plays from the elbow extended area of the floor, defensively he blocked shots and rebounded the ball well. They key for his progression will be to continue to put time on the weights as this will be key for him if he wants to play early on at the college level.

Port City Select 2022 Drew Stangley: His ability to knock down the deep ball was impressive, he moves well without the ball and comes off screen to make himself open and available. The release on his shot is pretty quick and he does a good job of using shot fakes and head fakes which keeps defenders guessing when they have to close out on him.

No Grind No Shine 2022 AJ Sams: There is a lot of upside in this youngster, but one thing is certain already, he knows how to handle the ball at a nice level. He has a nice variety of moves and counter moves, but more importantly he seems to be learning when the right time to use those moves.