UAA Session II: Evaluations Pt. I


Posted On: 05/2/18 6:52 PM

The second live period has come to a close and coaches are back at the respective schools, we are back at home, and prospects are fielding calls from those interested in them from their play.  Today, we take a look back and see who played well and who some new names are from this weekend. This is our breakdown of the players we saw standout this weekend. These are our top 2019 prospects from the UAA Session II.

Dan McKeeman – 5’11 / PG / 2019 / Fort Wayne Carroll (IN) / 1 Nation 2019

Dan is a solid lead guard who can really shoot the ball. Handles the ball well enough to stay on the point and can really shoot off the pull-up in transition.  Really good coming off screens and when he gets hot, he can put up some points. More of a guy that gets the ball up the floor than a creator as his best skills are moving without the ball to search out shots.  If he can add a little more creation, it would really round out his game.

Perry Cowan – 6’4 / SG / 2019 / DePaul College Prep (IL) / Illinois Wolves 2019

Cowan is a big, well built guard who is ready to go physically. Perfect frame at 6’4 and uses it well on defense and in the post. He’s tough and with length, makes it hard to get around him. Rebounds the ball at a good clip and shoots it just well enough to make you stay out on him to help spread the floor. Could become a lock down defender type at the next level.

Hayden Smithey – 6’5 / SG / 2019 / Bishop Dwenger (IN) / 1 Nation 2019

Smithey is a tall guard with improving handles and decision making. He’s developed a bit in the last year as more of a guard than a wing where he can create a bit at times as an off-guard. Sees the floor well and passes it at a high level. Solid shooter off the catch but could stand to add a little more assertiveness in his offense. Could fit in at a lot of different positions at a few different levels.

Luke Bumbalough – 6’0 / PG / 2019 / New Castle (IN) / UA Grind 2019

Bumbalough is a emerging point guard whose speed and shooting ability have really taken off. He’s easily 6’0 now and has a ton of speed when he wants to use it.  Really stellar shooter off the catch and outstanding now as a guy who can get into the mid-range and pull-up on a dime. Elevates well and that quick first step gives separation. Would like to see him utilize his speed more but that is a bit nitpicky.

Zach Kuhn – 6’4 / SG / 2019 / Shelbyville (IN) / UA Grind 2019

Kuhn is a big guard who can score from all three levels. Best as a creator where he can drive to his right hand at 15’ and pull-up. Good perimeter creation ability and is extremely potent when he gets a lot of opportunities while still being efficient.  Ball handling has been steady and shouldn’t be a problem if he’s used to bring the ball up.  Secure ball handler with size to help in the backcourt.

Bradley Nalley – 6’6 / SF / 2019 / Corydon Central (IN) / UA Grind 2019

Nalley is a tall wing who can shoot it well from distance and create a bit off the bounce. He’s getting used to the level of play and adapting but has shown a good amount of offensive skill to be intriguing. Having seen him before, his offense could become really coveted as a guy with size and breakdown ability from the perimeter. Has to become more assertive and produce but good prospect to keep an eye on.

De’Sean Allen-Eikens – 6’6 / SF / 2019 / Aspire Academy (KY) / UA Grind 2019

De’Sean is a big wing scorer with a ton of upside. He’s strong and ready to go for college. Plays a 3/4 role who can really shoot the ball at a high level from distance and also back down a defender in the post and spin on him to finish with either hand. Really adept as a low post scorer and will create a ton of mismatches.  Intriguing player who can fill up the stat sheet.