UAA Session II: 2019 Evaluations Pt. II


Posted On: 05/3/18 3:00 PM

The second live period has come to a close and coaches are back at the respective schools, we are back at home, and prospects are fielding calls from those interested in them from their play.  Today, we take a look back and see who played well and who some new names are from this weekend. This is our breakdown of the players we saw standout this weekend. These are our top 2019 prospects from the UAA Session II.

Paxson Wojcik – 6’5 / SG / 2019 / La Lumiere (IN) / Illinois Wolves 2019

Wojcik is a tall guard with good handles and a really solid jumper. This weekend his jump shot wasn’t nearly as crisp as it usually is but he showcased more of his driving ability. Good going to his left hand and able to use some of his finesse.  The lefty has a chance to be really good with his size and guard skills, just want to see the form on the jumper come back.

Lucas Kroft – 6’5 / SF / 2019 / Fort Wayne North (IN) / 1 Nation 2019

Kroft is a big wing that shot the ball extremely well this weekend. Was really good shooting off the dribble and has the capability to put up points in a hurry.  Creation ability has always been high with him but the jumper is up and down. If he continues to shoot like this, the stock will rise quite a bit.

Aaron Etherington – 6’6 / SF / 2019 / Hamilton Southeastern (IN) / UA Grind 2019

Etherington is a big wing with a scoring punch. He’s become a bit more consistent with his play and he’s really done well shooting the ball in the middle of the floor. Also, he’s attacking the rim more than during high school. It’s a nice trend to see as he learns to balance out his game. Could see his efficiency go up with that this summer.

Tom Welch – 6’7 / PF / 2019 / Naperville North (IL) / Illinois Wolves 2019

Welch is a solid stretch forward who has added a bit of weight and strength in the last year and looks ready to go for the next level. Did well defending the post and can rebound well against other forwards. He’s extremely mobile and showed that he could switch onto guards if he needed to.  Also faced up and drove to his left hand a few times with some speed.

Keenon Cole – 6’7 / PF / 2019 / Streamwood (IL) / Illinois Wolves 2019

Cole is a big forward with some athleticism and length. Wasn’t big on the scoring end of things but brought a bit more of a defensive presence. Good weakside shot blocker and his length seemed to cause some issues for driving offensive players.  Will want to see more offense but the body and raw skills are there.

Ciaran Brayboy – 6’10 / C / 2019 / New Trier (IL) / Illinois Wolves 2019

Brayboy is a stellar post player with serious IQ and toughness. He’s an aggressive defender who knows how to wall up and push defenders away from the rim.  He’s solid as a scorer who can use his above average footwork to create agile opportunities at the rim. He’s really quick up and down the floor and plays with a motor all the time. Should outperform his level.

Ryan Segall – 6’10 / C / 2019 / Indiana Homeschool Warriors (IN) / UA Grind 2019

Segall is a solid post player who has the ability to stretch the floor. He’s pretty good getting up and down the floor and is athletic enough to move all around the court. He’s best when he can slip into a corner and shoot and this weekend he showed a little bit of the ability to put the ball on the floor at 15’ and drive to his left. Needs to show more but improving.