Posted On: 05/16/18 8:10 AM

Two more big time names in the 2018 class have signed on to continue their careers at the next level. One of the top shooters in the state Vallivue’s Steele Hadlock and perhaps the bounciest wing/forward in the state Burley’s Jackson Hill have both signed on to their respective colleges in the past few days.

In terms of Hadlock, Wenatchee Valley is getting an excellent leader and player who can contribute right away given his skill set and basketball IQ. We consistently thought all season long that Hadlock was one of the best pure shooters in the state at the 5A level. Hadlock, despite being a bit smaller in size frame wise, was crafty on defense and exhibited a no plays off mentality on both sides of the ball.

Hadlock earned First Team All 5A SIC honors this past season as he helped guide Vallivue to a second consecutive state tournament bid in as many years. In terms of our rankings, Hadlock was inside our top 10 the entire season seemingly, and for good reason. Again, we think Wenatchee Valley is getting a real gem here and we look forward to seeing how Hadlock grows his game even further as a Knight over in Wanatchee, Washington.

Even more recent, Burley’s Jackson Hill announced his commitment to play for Southwest Oregon Community College as the high flying forward will continue his career in the pacific northwest as well. Hill, was a tremendous piece to a successful Burley squad that found itself in the state tournament and put together an impressive run.

Hill was relied on for his high flying play and athleticism to contribute to his prep squad this past season and will likely be looking to do the same over in Oregon. In fact, Hill took home the slam dunk title honors as an all-star after the season concluded and impressed the crowd with a few special dunks below…


Who’s left?

As far as the top 10 goes within our rankings of the 2018 class, Derek Marlowe, Hillcrest’s dynamic scoring guard remains unsigned at this time. Reigning 5A back-to-back champ Rocky Mountain’s Tyler O’Donnell also is one to watch for schools looking to add pieces. Also, when it came to small school dominance Dietrich’s Slade Dill was as good as they come and could be another that we see sign on to play college ball for a smaller school.

A few more names similar to Jackson Hill, who are a bit lower down our rankings but have tremendous upside are Chase Jerome, Jayson Hibbard, Hunter Ranstorm, Lucas Centeno, Cooper Anderson and Parker Schwers.

As always, we will keep you up to date on all the happenings within the state recruiting wise.