Posted On: 05/19/18 8:18 PM

Demontral Crutchfield 2019 Oklahoma Power Guard
Crutchfield is a good shooter with a silky stroke. He is confident with his shot from all three levels and plays the important role of scorer for his team. He also displayed a clutch factor to his game as he knocked down late free-throws to clinch a game for his team. Crutchfield is a fun player to watch.

Josh Price 2021 Oklahoma Power Guard
Price is a lights out shooter from downtown. He is comfortable from beyond the arc and it shows. His team displays great ball movement and he always catches the ball ready to shoot. Price knocked down five treys in one game in the tournament. When Price gets hot he is hard to stop. Price will be vital if his team wants to make a run at the championship.

Trey Myrie 2019 Heat Guard
Mryie got hot in the first half for his heat team and proved that he is a streaky shooter. When Myrie gets the chance to set his feet, he hardly ever misses. He plays fast and can shoot in traffic but his forte is from behind the arc. He is a good perimeter shooter that can change a game with his streaky shooting.

Cole Durkee 2019 Ball4Life Guard
Durkee went from playing a role on his high school team to being asked to carry much of the scoring load. He can light it up from downtown with his catch and shoot jumpshot. Durkee has improved since the high school season and if he continues to play the way he is, his role could increase. Durkee is comfortable from deep. He is dangerous all the way out to NBA range. Durkee can make an impact on any team with his ability to shoot the ball.

Moun’tae Edmundson Jr. 2019 Game Changers Guard
Edmundson is a solid shooter. He is the type of player that creates his own opportunities to score the ball and normally knocks down his shots. Edmundson turned a game on its head after a slew of technical fouls when he hit 7 out of 8 free-throws to give his team all of the momentum in what was a tight game. Edmundson is a player that creates for a team. He will be pivotal for his team moving forward.

Josh Smith 2019 Oklahoma Impact Guard
Smith has a smooth stroke from deep. He is not a star but he can contribute and have big games with his ability to hit from deep. Smith does what his team needs him to and that is hit shots. He is a spot up shooter that when he catches he looks to shoot, which is why he can take over a game if his teammates are finding him. Smith is a prospect that will make a team a good knock down shooter.