Posted On: 05/24/18 2:05 PM

Tristian Starks 2019 Crab5 Elite Guard

Starks was a walking bucket this weekend giving every team problems. The surefire jumper of Starks put him as one of the best scorers in the tournament. He found ways to get open with or without the ball as the defenses cracked down on his game. Starks future is bright.

Nate Goodlow 2020 Team Griffin Point Guard

One of the best scorers of the entire weekend was Goodlow. The skill set of Goodlow being able to score at all three levels made him tough to defend. The deceptive speed Goodlow has leaves defenders in quicksand. He also has added a better jumper making him even tougher to stop.

Parker Clarida 2019 Team Unity Point Guard

Clarida had one of the best Springs of any player in the state of Oklahoma. The scoring skills of Clarida seem to get better each time he steps on the floor. The quick first step of Clarida had teams second guessing where they were going on the court. The ability of his driving skills opened up three-point looks as well.


Payton Lusk 2020 Rockets 918 Guard

On Saturday Lusk looked the best we have ever seen him. He diced the defense with 20+ points in each game to go along with a great number of rebounds and assists. There is no doubt Lusk has been one of the best scorers in the 16U bracket, but he has also been a consistent force in every facet of the game.

Christian Cook 2020 Team Buddy Buckets Wing

Cook was on fire scoring the ball on Saturday at a high clip. The smooth jumper Cook has from three-point range has always been there. What is making him one of the top scorers in the Oklahoma 2020 Class is his ability to now put the ball on the floor.

Patrick Garrett 2019 Game Changer Hoops Wing

Garrett scored the ball lights out for Game Changer Hoops this weekend. From thunderous jams to killing teams with his jumper. Garrett has had a huge Spring setting him up for offers in July.

Moun’Tae Edmundson 2019 Game Changer Hoops Point Guard

Edmundson ran the show this weekend for Game Changer Hoops. He was big time for Game Changer Hoops scoring the basketball at a high rate. The attack of Edmundson off the dribble was killer. That led to him finding his stride from deep. Edmundson is set up for a big July.

Keyondre Young 2021 Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma

Young was a scoring force at State for Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma. The 6’5 frame of Young at 15 is alluring. He was able to make defenses pay for any room they allowed him to have to get off a shot. He is raw in a lot of areas of his game. The size, athleticism, and jumper of Young make him a prospect to keep a close eye on.

Nehemiah Boykins 2020 Ball 4 Life Wing

Boykin has a smoothness about his game on the Wing. He loves to pull up from mid-range and make the defense pay for any opening. The other way he scores is by getting to the basket using his good physical strength around 6’2. Boykin is a consistent force for Ball 4 Life 16U.

Hunter Staton 2019 Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma

Staton was a force inside for Nike Pro Skills Oklahoma. When they got the ball to him inside he was fantastic finishing. He has become one of the most improved players this Spring. The biggest thing that stood out what how he demanded the ball inside seeking out opportunities to score. Staton will have a chance to garner a lot of NCAA Division I and Division II interest in July.

Bijan Cortes 2021 Team Griffin Point Guard

This past weekend Cortes was one of the best scorers in the 15U bracket. The craftiness of Cortes being able to get to the basket anytime he wanted was impressive. He hit enough jumpers to make the defenders have to worry about his shooting talents. The ability to score at all three levels for Cortes had defenders in trouble.

Josh Smith 2019 Oklahoma Impact Wing

Smith is a three-point shooting machine for Oklahoma Impact 17U. When his teammates get him open looks in catch and shoot opportunities he thrives. The quick trigger of Smith adds to his offensive game.

Garrett Rouse 2019 Oklahoma Impact Wing

Rouse diced up the defenses with great cuts to the basket for open looks at the hoop. Just when the defense falls asleep, Rouse cuts in for a score. This was one of the many areas he did well in on Saturday.

Traejon Davis 2020 Team Griffin Wing

Davis was fantastic this weekend at finding the perfect windows to slash to the bucket for an open look at the basket. He found success early by using slashing to draw fouls in the paint. As the weekend progressed Davis showed his ability to finish through contact.

Shawn Pedulla 2021 Team Buddy Buckets Guard

Before this weekend I had heard a lot about Pedulla. He more than lived up to the billing of being able to score the ball at a high rate. The form on his jumper is silky smooth leading to a ton of swishes. Throughout the tournament, Pedulla scored the ball from behind the three-point arc the best in the 16U bracket. It will also pay off in the end that he is getting great experience playing up with Team Buddy Buckets.

Jacob Germany 2019 Team Griffin Post

Over the last two weekends, Germany is starting to come alive showing what he could be at the next level. The newfound aggressiveness of Germany has helped him a lot with attacking the basket stronger. In this particular tournament, he did not have many that could match him in size until late in the bracket and he took advantage. If Germany can keep being aggressive and show off his skill set on both ends he will have a huge July.

Kaden Vande 2022 Ferguson Elite Wing

Vande has a great stroke from the outside. Ferguson Elite used Vande perfectly setting him up for catch and shoot situations behind the arc. The length and size of Vande on the Wing is intriguing, especially if he continues to grow. Keep in mind Vande and Ferguson Elite were playing up an age in the 15U bracket this weekend.

PJ Johnson 2021 Team Griffin Guard

This Spring one of the biggest players I have come to know as a certified scorer is Johnson. He has been able to do it against all different types of talent. The shooting stroke of Johnson has been remarkable to scout. He scores so effortlessly.