Top Scorers at the Texas GASO


Posted On: 05/1/18 5:28 PM

This article breaks down the top scorers from the Texas GASO this past weekend. The article is focused on teams from the state of Oklahoma with just a tad of out of state prospects featured.

Jett Sternberger 2019 Game Changer Hoops Point Guard

Sternberger filled up the box score being able to score the ball well from mid and three-point range. The steady hand of Sternberger at the Point allows him to find his shot easily against most defenders. He is improving off of the dribble. Using his quickness and high basketball IQ Sternberger got to the basket and did a great job of finishing in traffic.This weekend Sternberger was one of the best scorers out of any Oklahoma prospect in Dallas.

Deaunte Lee 2019 Dallas Showtyme Guard

Lee has an awkward high release from distance that looks funny at first until you watch it go in the basket time after time. When he got open looks at the basket he could not miss from three-point range. Lee also showed off his ability to put the ball on the floor once the defense started to close out on his three-point shot.

Cooper Baldwin 2020 Oklahoma Power Wing

Baldwin plays hard non-stop on the Wing for Oklahoma Power. On Saturday he got to the basket really well driving or slashing to the hoop. What adds to his ability to score the basketball is the high basketball IQ plays he makes. Baldwin is a guy that will be interesting to see develop over his final two years of high school.

Javuon Pitts 2019 Urban ASAK Wing

Pitts excelled in transition finding open looks at the basket from three-point range and by driving to the rim. He is sneaky athletic with hops that allow him to rise up in a moments notice. Pitts being able to score in a variety of ways made him even tougher to slow down.

Davion Knight 2019 Servant Guard

Knight is a streaky shooter who can impact any game with his shot. He has a good stroke from beyond the arc and a lot of confidence. He is a good shooter off the dribble as he can create his own space to get off his shot. He is also a scrapper down low that can grab rebounds despite his size because of his worth ethic.

Trey Green 2019 Oklahoma Impact Guard

Green does everything for his Impact team. He does whatever they need him to do and does not complain. He is a team player that just wants to do whatever it takes to win. He bangs down low despite being a Guard. He plays good defense every trip down court. He has the fundamentals down and is always communicating with his teammates. Green is good on all three levels at the offensive end. He can step out and hit a three-pointer. He can knock down a mid-range jumper and he can finish well at the rim. Green is a player coaches love to have.

Jacob Shannon 2020 Team Buddy Buckets Guard 

Shannon is a good shooter. He has good range but he can play at all three levels. He is a good passer that plays unselfishly but will hit the shot if left open. He plays good defense on the other end. He keeps his man in front of him and has active hands trying to force turnovers.

Ian Patton 2019 Servants Guard 

Patton is an athletic Guard that can electrify a crowd. He attacks the basket well and can finish at the rim. On the fast break, he is a danger to get the way of as he can throw down some entertaining dunks. He also has a touch from the perimeter. He is a better shooter when he can catch and shoot.

Garrett Rouse 2019 Oklahoma Impact Guard

Rouse is strong at attacking the basket. He drives quick to the rim and can finish through contact. He is confident on the ball and can get the Impact into their offense. He can create his own shot off the dribble but is also unselfish if his teammates have a better shot. Rouse is an effort player that grabs second-chance points on the offensive end by grabbing boards. He also is very active on the defensive end.

Miles Monical 2019 PlayMaker Express Wing (Pictured) 

Monical is a good slasher. When he gets the ball, he does well at attacking the rim off the dribble. Monical can beat his man and either finishes at the rim or gets fouled. He also has a good game from the perimeter where he can knock down the jumper.

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