Posted On: 05/19/18 8:15 PM

Syrus Grisby 2019 Teamwork Oklahoma Post
Grisby has a good frame and with good strength. He uses his impressive frame to dominate down low. He grabs boards well on both ends of the court and through traffic no problem. He works hard to get his team all the opportunities he can provide them on the offensive end and does not allow the other team to get extra opportunities on the defensive end. Grisby is a player that has a lot of potential. His offensive side to his game is raw but seems to be developing nicely. He will be a player to watch over this next year.

David Oyona Ibandzo 2023 Team Griffin Post
Oyona is a beast. He is one of the best players in his age group which is evident with him playing up two years. He is 6’11 and uses every bit of that as he dominates the boards. He is still developing but the raw talent that is their is impressive. He could be one of those players with that special tag that a person puts on really good players. Oyona still has a lot of time to just keep getting better as well.

Jennings 2020 Oklahoma Power Post
Jennings is a stretch four that provides a lot of space and athleticism to his team. He uses his athletic ability to dominate down low as he has impressive hops which allow him to grab boards. He does the dirty work for his team and never has a bad work ethic. He is a good defender which helps him grab board with his fundamentals after the missed shot.

Jacob Germany 2019 Team Griffin Post
Germany is 6’10 and uses that to his advantage as he dominates the boards. He consistently grabs 10- 15 boards a game and creates second chance points for his team. Germany is goo d at watching the flight of the ball and determining where the ball will be and meets it at his peak. Germany adds a lot more to his team than just boards though. He is a constant presence on the defensive side of the ball forcing the other team to shoot around him. Germany already holds four NCAA Division I offers and recently picked up an invite to NBPA Top 100 camp because of his impressive performances this summer.

Desmon Elliott 2019 Servants Post
Elliott is a boss in the paint. He has a strong physical frame and uses his strength to get rebounds. He can body up any opponent in a legal way and he knows how to use that to find the boards. Elliott chips in second chance points because of his ability to get offensive boards. He has the chance to have a big summer.

Kyler Hensley 2019 Oklahoma Impact Wing
Hensley plays bigger than he is. He is not small by any measure. He is a 6’6 to 6’7 Wing that crashes the boards well. He crashes on both ends as well. Hensley is an intriguing prospect because of his size and ability to move with it. He creates second chance points and has a solid mid-range jumper. He has started the summer solid and will look to pick up his performances as the summer moves on.