Top Performers: Mid State Academy Sports Classic


Posted On: 05/5/18 3:51 PM

While the weekend after the LIVE periods can be a popular week of rest, numerous central Tennessee teams competed for the Mid State Academy Classic title in Franklin, Tennessee.  Franklin is lovely town south of Nashville that has quickly become engulfed by the Nashville sprawl.  While A-Game hosted six courts of games secondary sites at Lipscomb Academy in south Nashville expanded the field.

The following players rose above the masses, excelling in the relatively minor local event.

Jaylan Clemmons |  WG | Club 51 2018

Jaylan’s outside shot dismantled an athletic, albeit short Tennessee Legend team just before dinner Saturday.  The unsigned Ensworth senior racked up 12 first half points for a flashy Club 51 team.

Brevin Klym |  PG | EAB-King 2022

Brevin possesses a quick first step.  He likes to insert himself in to the dangerous areas.  He has to work on lateral mobility defensively.  Too often he used his hands instead of his feet to check his man on the perimeter.  Considering his offensive explosion Klym projects as a decent defender.  He has good awareness off the ball, and tends to help at the right moments.

Jake Brock |  WG | EAB-King 2022

Jake puts in a lot of time with the basketball.  He can handle or evade defenders with the dribble.  Brock will knock down the open three-pointer.   Brock and Klym work well together.  They clearly know the strengths and intentions of the other backcourt mate.

Willie Walton |  WG | Team Arete 14u

Approximately 6-foot-0 with room to gorw, Lipscomb Academy shooting guard Willie Walton is an alpha male on the hardwood.  He hunts the basketball every possession.  He plans on scoring and doesn’t fear taking creative chances.  There is not an aspect of the game Walton doesn’t impact.  Passing, penetrating, rebounding, defending all occur with Walton’s fingerprints smudged upon them.

Aleric Watson |  PF | EAB-King 2022

At this early stage in his development it is difficult to ascertain if Watson’s dominance can be attributed to his abnormal power.  Watson overwhelms fellow middle school hoopers.  One indicator of high school success is his soft shooting touch.  Aleric will hit an open three-pointer given a cushy shooting window.  He also showcased lovely, soft hands.

Malik Dia |  WG | EAB-King 2022

The tall eighth grader runs as fast as a guard.  He looks like he could reach 6-foot-4 or taller in three years.  The wing forward rebounds well outside his area.