Top Performers adidas Atlanta MDC (Sunday)

High School

Posted On: 05/27/18 8:34 PM

Sunday dozens of programs ended their Atlanta weekend with losses.  Most of the following players advanced to Monday largely because of their scintillating showings.

2021 G Matthew Sells (EAB 15u)

EAB 15u already succeeded consistently.  Now that they have Matthew Sells in the backcourt the EAB team is poised for summer greatness.  Sells changes directions swiftly.  He can score from anywhere on the floor.  With Livingstone Academy Sells was the go-to scorer as a freshman.  This required him to take difficult shots and create from nothing.  He brings the same wonderful mindset and skillset to his EAB performances.  Sells has so many tools in his toolbox.

2020 G Bo Montgomery (Team Thad 16u)

The size of Bo Montgomery at the point guard position always excites me.  Sunday Montgomery attacked the offensive glass with ferocity.  The room for growth is immense.  Lausanne Collegiate started Bo all season and for good reason.  There are not many deadspots in his game.

2021 PG Tony Farrar (Chattanooga Elite Grey 15u)

Playing with a new team, Tony Farrar still played unselfishly.  He was eager to distribute and find teammates on the break.  Farrar needs to improve his outside shot to round out his game, but his quickness and elusiveness with the ball indicate a high ceiling.

2020 WG Keon Johnson (EAB 17u)

The top player in 2020 did it again.  Every game Keon Johnson does something special.  In the nightcap Sunday night, Keon caught a miss mid-flight and shoved it through the iron circle to a chorus of roars.   The athleticism is remarkable, but Johnson doesn’t just make athletic plays.  He completes countless high effort plays in the 17u division.  Keon is simply the best 2020 in Tennessee and he would live in the top 10 of 2019 too.

2019 G Jadarius Harris (Mid South Kings 17u)

Perhaps the most explosive guard in the 17u draw, Jadarius Harris from Trenton Peabody High embarrassed some cats Sunday night.  The leaping ability makes him a mid-major target.  Both Murray State and UT Martin have hosted the combo guard.

2021 PG Zion Swader (EAB 15u)

Zion Swader of Murfreesboro’s Siegel High is an electric dribbler.  He handles the ball with the selfishness and confidence of a NYC point guard. Good luck plucking the ball from his grasp.  Zion likes to get out of trouble with the dribble.  His instinct is to get away and then make the play.  Occasionally this will cost him a possession as he tries to solve every trap with the dribble.

2020 G Tariq Daughton (EAB 16u)

Facing a sticky, physical Team Thad team, Tariq managed to create buckets.  The guard figured out crafty ways to score.