Posted On: 05/8/18 2:57 PM

This weekend the Colorado Chaos put together a superb annual tournament in which some players stepped up and showed out. Here are a few that seen their stocks boost with a great tournament.

Kevin DiMarco – Colorado Mayhem 2019

Kevin is a big time player that will surely see his stock boost with the great start of this summer. He’s a more under the radar player as he goes to a smaller school but with his large 6’8 frame he becomes a player that you lock in on from the start to finish. He’s a raw player with huge upside and dominates the paint in all aspects. He can score and has great footwork that also has been showcasing a newfound back to the basket game that he’s added since high school season. He’s a rebounding machine and also changes many shots so he’s a player that you have to check out if you haven’t got the chance yet on a solid group.

Cole Bott – Colorado Chaos 2020

Cole is a 6’4 wing that surely seen his stock rise with a great tournament. He’s actually been having a great summer and proving that he could be called upon when needed in preparation for a huge junior year. With Chaos he’s been a glue guy that does it all and his football instincts kicks in even on the court as he’s a quick thinker with a high I.Q. and great footwork. He has a high motor and defends well and does the dirty work that a coach asks for. Stock riser for sure.

Jalen Talbot – Colorado Mayhem 2018

Jalen is an unsigned senior and I’m unsure how because every time I see him, he dominates. He’s an offensive player that excels with the ball in his hands and makes the right decisions. He has a sense of confidence that wasn’t completely there during high school season, but has stepped up and became one of Mayhem’s go to players this summer and this weekend was no different. He can shoot it, get to the rim and create off the dribble and is a capable defender that plays the passing lane well. You can tell that he is in the gym daily and attacking this off season in hopes to land at a school, whichever school gets him is getting a hard worker that knows how to score.

Trevon Deden – Colorado Hoops 2020

Heading into the tournament, Trevon was a player that I chose to look after as I expected him to have a big tournament and he didn’t disappoint as he played well throughout the weekend. He had a couple double-digit scoring games and showcased his offensive ability including a 17 point explosion against a talented Chaos squad. Trevon is making it hard not to have him as one of the top players in his class and with continued success throughout the summer; he will surely be one of the go to guys on Colorado Hoops.

Jalen Page –Colorado Titans

Jalen is a player that controls all things for the Titans. He’s a calm player that stops the bleeding with his high I.Q. plays and he has an understanding of how to regulate the game to his liking. He scores with the best of them but one thing that really separates him from many other players is his defense. He plays the passing lane, uses his body well on defense and makes it extremely difficult for the opposing team as well with his quick hands and great timing. He’s a hard worker that excels with his mid-range pull up but also showcased that he can knock it down from beyond the arc as well. He’s a varsity starter that’s having a great summer in preparation for his biggest year yet.

Erik Oliver – Wyoming Beasts

Erik is one of those players that makes it look so easy that you look up at the scoreboard and forget that you’re down. He scores with ease and controls the whole pace of the game so much that it looks like the game slows down for him. He was one of the top scorers of the weekend as he averaged a bit over 23 points a game through five games and got it down on all three levels leading the Beasts to a 3-2 overall record. He’s a great rebounder and plays tenacious up in your face defense. Really solid player that jumped on my radar.